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Tom Holland is in the prime of his career. Although he has been playing Peter Parker for several years now, the actor finally conquered all the fans with the premiere of Spider-Man: No Road Home – 92%. Beyond the return of great villains and other heroes highly anticipated by the audience, the character had the opportunity to evolve to finally deliver something closer to the Spidey of the comics. In many ways, this third installment feels like an origin film that at the same time seemed the interpreter’s farewell, but now neither the public nor the production companies want to let him go, and he is in an enviable position to take his path on the right track. career in industry.

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Holland’s career definitely got a boost after he took on the role of Spider-Man, but the actor knows well that he must prove his talent to all types of viewers and in all possible genres. The problem is that some cannot see him beyond the hero despite the great work he has done on films like Cherry – 27% and The devil at all hours – 65%. Part of the problem is that the specialized critics, and the big awards, still have a problem when we talk about superhero films, which are always considered of lower quality and depth, in relation to the millions that are used for their production.

With the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home many have spoken of the maturity in Holland’s performance, especially in one of the most tragic scenes in the film. This started the debate, once again, about the quality of these types of films. Directors like Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott have not only spoken out against superhero movies, they also blamed it for taking over the box office. While figures like Stellan Skarsgård defend their existence and consider that the problem is not the creation of these stories. Now Holland himself has something to say about this controversy.

Holland has a great appreciation for the Spider-Man character, but that doesn’t mean he has no intention of prioritizing other roles. He himself has said that it is time for other versions of the hero to adapt to the cinema and has also commented that he may possibly take a break in the near future, although Marvel and Sony are already talking about a fourth installment of the arachnid. With so much commitment and work involved, the actor believes that films of this genre should be more recognized and respected.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, it was discussed about the real possibilities that Spider-Man: No Way Home be nominated in the next Oscar delivery. A matter that Kevin Feige had already addressed recently when he said that such awards have great prejudices against superhero cinema. Tom Holland took advantage of the talk to give his opinion on the famous comments made by the director of The Irishman – certified fresh tiny100%:

You can ask Scorsese: Do you want to make a Marvel movie? But he doesn’t know what that is like because he has never made one.

I have made Marvel films and I have also made films that were part of the conversation in the world of the Oscar, and the only difference, really, is that one is much more expensive than the other. But the way I break down the character, the way the director records the story arc and the characters, it’s all the same, just done on a different scale. So I think it is art.

You can also ask Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr. or Scarlett Johansson, people who have made “Oscar-worthy” movies and also superhero movies, and they will tell you they are the same, just on a different scale. And there is less spandex in the “Oscar movies.”

These words from Holland come in an important context for the genre, and the time has come when certain projects can no longer be ignored. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s work on WandaVision – certified fresh tiny95%, as well as the series itself, has been nominated for several important awards, and when comparing them with the other nominees, you can see their right to occupy a place.

Renowned figures such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Chloé Zhao, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Kenneth Branagh, Cate Blanchett or Michael Douglas, among many others, have been part of this type of project, and it is generally perceived that they do these jobs for money or as a distraction after doing “serious stuff,” but they all approach their respective roles and positions with the same seriousness as they would for other films. Some actors have even been surprised by the kind of responsibility and effort that these productions require that are still very underrated. Few titles of the genre have gone far in the awards, and beyond the technical categories, but the panorama improves with each new delivery.

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You don’t know they’re art too: Tom Holland responds to Martin Scorsese | Tomatazos

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