Yellow zone in 7 regions, no color changes at Christmas. Iss: Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta at high risk

In Italy, at least for next week, no color changes are expected for any region which – according to what is learned from qualified sources – should each remain in their current range. Christmas, therefore, photographs Italy in the situation of last week with 7 regions in yellow and 14 white. The Regions that have changed color are: Liguria, Marche, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Pa of Trento and Bolzano and Calabria. Many, however, in the balance and for which the governors are still thinking of autonomous measures of restriction.

Iss: two high-risk regions

Two Regions, Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta are classified as high risk, 18 Regions / PPAA are classified as moderate risk. Among these, five Regions / PPAA, Calabria, Marche, Pa Trento, Puglia and Sicily, “are at high probability of progression at high risk”. Only the Autonomous Province of Bolzano is classified as low risk. In addition, 15 Regions / PPAA report 1 resilience alert for local health services. Two multiple resilience alerts (Lombardia and VdA); 4 none (the two Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano and Trento, Veneto and the FVG). These are the data of the weekly ISS-Health monitoring.

High incidence under the age of 19

The age groups with the highest weekly incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants are the pediatric ones (393 in the 0-9 age group and 404 in the 10-19 age group). The lowest incidence is found in the age groups above 80 years (101 in the age group 80-89 and 116 in the older subjects. This is what is contained in the weekly monitoring of the Ministry of Health-Higher Institute of Health for the period 13-19 December with data updated to 21/12.

9 week rapid increase

“For 9 consecutive weeks there has been a rapid and generalized increase in the number of new cases. The transmission speed remains above the epidemic threshold in most of the Italian regions ”: the Monitoring Ministry of Health – Iss reports for the week from 13 to 19/12 (data updated to 21/12). The number of people hospitalized in medical areas is increasing from 7,163 (14/12/2021) to 8,101 (20/12/2021), in intensive care it goes from 863 (14/12/2021) to 987 (20/12 / 2021). “This is requiring an organizational review of the care services provided to Covid patients”.

Rezza: caution during the holidays

“The incidence rate of Covid 19 cases continues to grow in our country, which is around 351 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. On the other hand, the RT remains stable around 1.13. As regards the occupancy rate of the posts in the medical and intensive care areas, we are respectively 13.9% and 10.7% and many regions have now exceeded the critical employment threshold. Given the circulation of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, especially during this holiday period, keep all individual precautionary measures as well as speed up the recall »: so Gianni Rezza, director of the Prevention Ministry of Health.

Last updated: Friday 24 December 2021, 17:56


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Yellow zone in 7 regions, no color changes at Christmas. Iss: Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta at high risk

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