With Blackkklansman, Spike Lee tells Trump what we’re all thinking

Blackkklansman It is a product not only of the mind of Spike Lee, but from the social context in which we find ourselves. Lee shows that we have not changed, that we are not more evolved, nor are we more tolerant, we are still the same haters always, we just know how to hide it better (or we knew before Trump). The most important message is that hate only breeds more hate (even if it comes from the right place).

But Blackklansman She is not only good for her message or for telling Trump all its truths. Lee paid attention to all the details, created real characters that you can identify or hate, chose a soundtrack Loaded with nostalgia, the wardrobe transports you straight back to the ’70s, and features enough real moments from history so that you don’t forget that even though it’s a movie, this is something that happened and continues to happen.

Topher Grace, Eric from That 70’s Show, does very well in the villain role, but they are John David Washington, Adam Driver y Laura Harrier, who steal the show as the heroes who tell this story from different sides, showing that there are different ways to do your part to solve the world’s problems. The only thing that is not worth is doing nothing.

This movie is colorful, loud, flashy, and throws things right in your face, and the result is worthy of an Oscar nomination in categories like: screenplay, director, and possibly actor.

Blackkklansman it’s the best way to be politically incorrect and show racists how ridiculous they look by following a leader with outdated and violent ideas that only serve to harm the world.

And fans of 70s African-American crime movies are going to thank the tribute to Foxy Brown that Spike Lee he added at the end of his film, with a scene inspired by those sequences that make it seem that the background is still while the protagonists approach, almost by inertia, the enemy they have to face.

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Blackkklansman It is the perfect speech for the times we live in. Spike Lee returns to the fray with a “politically incorrect” film (as is his custom), resorting to a true story to show us how ridiculous it is to think about “white supremacy” and that one race is superior to another. With constant references to “Agent Orange”, as he calls Donald Trump, the film closely follows Ron Stallworth, a black policeman who, after becoming an undercover agent, decides to infiltrate a local Ku Klux Klan group to find out all their movements and possible attacks. Ironically constructed, with sarcastic comments and fine black humor, the film succeeds. To this we must add the excellent histrionic work of John David Washington, Adam Driver (who makes us completely forget Kylo Ren, Thank God!) And a brilliant Topher Grace. Even the special appearances (like Alec Baldwin’s at the beginning of the film) are refreshing and add to the film. Definitely, Blackkklansman It is one of the best films of the Oscar race.

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With Blackkklansman, Spike Lee tells Trump what we’re all thinking

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