Why Kengo Kuma Is The Most Influential Architect In The World According To Time Magazine

Bright Skies: the color of design 2022

The giant of color Pantone Y WGSN, one of the most relevant trend consultants in the world, are not the only ones who dictate the guideline in terms of colors every year. The brand of paints Dulux, based in London and based in much of the United States and Europe, has just pointed out that a cool blue hue, called Bright SkiesIt will be the color of 2022 when it comes to decorating spaces.

Dulux, which defines itself as an architectural paint brand, defined the color of 2022 as “a light and airy blue”, a color that “perfectly captures the optimism and desire for a new beginning that is the mood of the moment” .

This light, refreshing and warm shade of blue is the color of the moment. / Credits: www.countryliving.com

Marianne Shilingford, Creative Director of Dulux UK, explained to the platform specialized in architecture The seas that “the shared experience of being trapped inside and a growing concern for the future of our beautiful but fragile planet is closely linked to Bright Skies.”

This is the 19th color of choice for Dulux. And he was in charge, once again, of a group of experts from the design, fashion, interiors, social economy and architecture industries. According to specialists, the choice of color is part of a trend towards vibrant, light and pastel tones, and the distance from earthy and neutral tones that have spread in recent seasons.

Copenhagen: the safest city in the world in 2021

Where to travel? If we look only to security reasons, the most reliable source is the Safe Cities Index (SCI, for its letters in English), of the Economist Intelligence Unit, which every year publishes a report in which it ranks different destinations. In its 2021 edition, the SCI studied 60 cities according to five variables: digital security, health security, infrastructure, personal security and environmental security, the latter a new category.

Copenhagen leads with 82.4 points out of a maximum of 100. That is, it jumped from eighth place in 2019 to the top of the list, thanks to environmental and personal safety items. Toronto was in second place and Sydney in third, highlighted as the best city for digital security. Tokyo, meanwhile, ranked fifth and scored the highest in the health security category.

Denmark scores this triumph amid an even greater victory: it is the first country in the world to lift all health restrictions against Covid-19.

Latin American cities? None qualified for the top 10. Santiago de Chile was ranked 33rd and, further down, 34th, Buenos Aires.

Kengo Kuma: the most influential architect in the world according to Time

In its traditional special of the most influential characters in the world, the recent edition of the magazine Time highlighted an architect: the Japanese Kengo Kuma (67). In the usual dynamic, in which peers or “celebrities” write about the prominent character, the also Japanese Kenjiro Hosaka, director of Shiga Museum of Modern Art and curator of the exhibition “Kuma Kengo: Five Purr-fect Points for a New Public Space”, at the National Museum of Modern Art de Tokyo, summarized the contribution of Kuma through the new National Stadium of Japan, in the capital of that country, which hosted the Olympic Games this year.

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The causes and consequences of climate change in a child-friendly language book; the new magazine of the Chilean Association of Architects; an extraordinary volume with the history of how the Metropolitan Park of Santiago was formed.

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Why Kengo Kuma Is The Most Influential Architect In The World According To Time Magazine

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