Voice Of Baceprot Presents at 360 Degree Virtual Concert: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Metal band group Voice Of Baceprot is on the rise. To take advantage of this moment, Voice Of Baceprot attended the Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert virtual concert.

Supermusic as the organizer deliberately collaborated with VoB exclusively after they finished their European tour concert entitled Fight, Dream, Believe which was held in 8 cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland in order to promote the latest single entitled God, Allow Me (Please), to Play Music. At this moment, the band which was formed in 2014 will also share interesting experiences and stories that they have never told the public, as well as ‘epic’ collaborations.

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“This fourth edition is very special and unforgettable. Because in addition to presenting one of the proudest musicians of the country, VoB who has succeeded in making the nation’s name known in the world through its musicality, they are also challenged to collaborate with Barry Likumahuwa and Rey Marshall. I can’t imagine how exciting it will be on the stage later with various actions full of surprises and must be witnessed, “explained the representative of Supermusic, Adjie Aditya Purwaka as the organizer.

VoB personnel added, Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert offers a fresh virtual concert concept. With a 360-degree visual treatment, they believe that the upcoming concert will make the audience feel the sensation of watching the concert from various angles. They also acknowledged that this was their first experience.

“Surely Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert is a rare moment and really spoils the eyes of the audience. Even for us personally, this is the first virtual concert experience with a concept like this. In addition, the collaboration concept that is offered every live is like a breath of fresh air for musicians and audiences, as well as a new innovation for the development of music in the country, “explained the VoB personnel.

Yes, at Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert, there will also be an unprecedented collaboration between VoB with Barry Likumahuwa and Rey Marshall. For this music group, which was previously called Voice of Baqitos, the workshop and jamming process with two seniors was very enjoyable. The band from Garut, West Java confirmed that their performance was worth watching.

“What’s special about this collaboration is that the audience can enjoy two different colors, namely those from VoB and those of the collaborators, complementing each other without compromising the taste of the song. In addition, there will be a surprise action presented. So, don’t miss our performance, Superfriends!,” concluded VoB.

Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert can be accessed and watched live through the website www.superlive.id for free! And get exclusive merchandise through e-commerce purchases with a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000.


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Voice Of Baceprot Presents at 360 Degree Virtual Concert: Okezone Celebrity

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