Vincenzo Crocitti International Award, from Maurizio Costanzo to Carlo Verdone: all the winners of 2021

The IX edition of the Vincenzo Crocitti International Award was held. Here are the 91 names of the awarded national and international artists. The author and director Francesco Fiumarella and the Steering Committee of the “Vincenzo Crocitti International Award” have created the 2021 Awards for the 9th edition of this now well-known and coveted International Award which annually assigns awards to dozens of artists and intellectuals including Beginners, Emerging, In Carriera (also for the foreign section) and the prestigious “Alla Carriera” awards for well-known faces and personalities who have distinguished themselves over time for their activity in the world of culture, art, Cinema, TV, journalism, music, sport, web, dance, sport etc ..

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Unfortunately, the period of extreme delicacy persists from the point of view of world security caused by the pandemic, the organizational management has also chosen to do this edition electronically with online publication.

The prestigious award bearing the name of the actor Vincenzo Crocitti (also known as “IL VINCE”) was awarded this year, exceptionally, to 90 characters engaged in the disciplines of culture and art at 360 degrees, confirming the continuity of the Award dedicated to the well-known character and actor appreciated for his unparalleled sympathy and humility and loved by many. The intent to pursue the objective of the awards ceremony also in this year still so difficult, was mainly to continue to stimulate artists and those dedicated to the world of cinema and culture so as not to be discouraged, not to give up believing in their work, to continue dreaming and as children believe that a better world can always be built.

The many awards of this edition they were all strongly desired above all by the author who together with the Direction meticulously viewed the curricula of thousands of artists and intellectuals in the various categories including the candidates of the online call that preceded the assignments in virtual mode.

Patient and “painstaking” work given the purpose of the Award, that is to choose who meritocratically could be the recipient. And the deserving ones (sought among dozens and dozens of participants) are as always many; a continuous discovery of people who study, love art and culture, cinema and music, sport, singing, dance, love to write and create … A world of workers, real, yes, true … who beginners, those already started, those professionally realized for several decades; tens, hundreds of workers who are often not valued as they should be; who struggle day by day to “break through that door” and have some space, visibility and recognition that they rightly deserve but which is slow in coming or for many at times who knows if it will. And it is precisely for this reason that in the continuity of last year, even in this very special edition we intentionally wanted to reward a large number of them by quadrupling the awards.

A big news this year is the establishment of the “SPECIAL WINS AWARD-MORALDO ROSSI” section dedicated to the screenwriter, director and writer Moraldo Rossi, assistant and “inspirer” of Federico Fellini as well as a great friend. Moraldo has been a tireless supporter of the Vincenzo Crocitti Award since its establishment in 2013 at the Capitol during which he himself received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Subsequently and until 2019 he was assiduously present as a testimonial at all the annual events in attendance. Moraldo, who recently returned “to the Father’s house”, was a family friend of the author and of the Award Committee and for this reason they wanted to dedicate this special section to him which annually, from this edition, will award emerging screenwriters, directors and writers.

For 2021, the “Special VINCE Award- Moraldo Rossi” was awarded to Emerging Director Antonio Losito for the short film “Pappo e Bucco”.

The Management and the author Francesco Fiumarella thank all the supporters of the Award, the historical Sponsors, the Historical Partners (since 2013) and the numerous new Partners, the thousands of social friends and followers, all the members of the Steering Committee, the presenters, the sympathizers, all the award-winning artists of this edition as well, the personalities and VIPs who with great enthusiasm and gratitude enjoyed receiving the Prize bearing the name of Vincenzo Crocitti. Thanks to the president Odilio Buzzoni and his “Miss Straniera d’Italia” for their active contribution; Thanks to the print and online journalists and to all the media and TV, including the web, who have always followed the Award like Rai. Thanks to the tenor Patrick Salati who also in this edition wanted to perform Puccini’s No Dorma, historic theme song of the Award and on the notes of “All’alba Vincero” joins the entire Direction of the Award to wish a Merry Christmas and a prosperous Year New with the hope of seeing us all in attendance for the next edition of the Prize.

2021 Award List:

MAURIZIO COSTANZO – “Journalist Career Award – Radio-TV Host – Writer – Director – Screenwriter”

CARLO VERDONE – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Director – Screenwriter”

ALESSANDRO HABER – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Director – Singer”

ANDREA RONCATO – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

AUGUSTO ZUCCHI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Director – Screenwriter – Playwright”

SERGIO D’OFFIZZI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Director of Photography”

GINO USAI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Producer”

GIOVANNI PETRUCCI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Dubber – Dubbing Director – Dialogist”

GIANNI MAMMOLOTTI – “In Career Award – Director of Photography”

FRANCESCO BRUNI – “Career Award – Screenwriter – Director”

DANIELE CIPRÌ – “Career Award – Director of Photography – Director – Screenwriter”

VALERIO MASTANDREA – “Career Award – Actor – Director”

PINO QUARTULLO – “In Career Award – Actor – Director – Screenwriter – Dubber”

ALESSANDRO PONDI – “Career Award – Director – Screenwriter”

PIETRO SARUBBI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

LUIGI DI FIORE – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Director”

RAFFAELE BURANELLI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Director – Screenwriter”

MARTINE BROCHARD – “International Actress Career Award – Special Mention as Writer”

STEFANO AMBROGI – “Career Award – Actor”

BRUNO PAVONCELLO – “Career Award – Actor”

NINNI BRUSCHETTA – “Career Award – Actor – Theater Director – Screenwriter”

LILLI MANZINI – “Career Award – Dubbing Actress – Dubbing Director – Actress”

francesco pannofino 13180249

FRANCESCO PANNOFINO (photo above) “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Dubber – Dubbing Director”

LUCA WARD – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor – Dubber – Dubbing Director”

ROBERTO CHEVALIER – “Career Award – Actor – Dubber – Dubbing Director”

ROBERTO PEDICINI – “Career Award – Actor – Dubber – Dubbing Director”

ROSARIO ERRICO – “In Career Award – Director”

TONY MORGAN – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

MAMADOU DIOUME “Career Award – Actor – Theater Director”

ROBERTA AMMENDOLA “Career Award – Journalist – Presenter”

MINO SFERRA “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

MANUELA TEMPESTA “Career Award – Screenwriter – Director”

ANTONIO LOSITO “Lifetime Achievement Award – Director”

DENNIS FANTINA “Career Award – Singer”

MAX ANGIONI “Emerging Award – Actor – Comedian”

CAROLA CAMPAGNA – “Emerging Award – Singer”

SIMONE GALLO – “Career Award – Actor – Comedian – Presenter”

GISELLA FARININI – “Career Award – Contemporary Painter”

FABIO MASSA – “Career Award – Actor – Director – Screenwriter”

MICHELE CIOFFI – “Emerging Award – Writer”

ROSANNA BARBERA – “Debutant Award – Singer”

MAURO DEL VECCHIO – “Emerging Award – Actor”

ANDREA PAONESSA – “Emerging Award – Author – Director”

GIANNI ROSATO – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

FEDERICO BALDINI – “Emerging Award – Actor”

ANDREA LOMBARDI – “Emerging Award – Actor”

ANTONIO PELLEGRINI – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

SIMONA DI SARNO – “Emerging Award – Actress”

MATTEO CAPRIGLIONE – “Award – Prestigious – Illusionist”

MAURO MASCITTI – “Dancer Career Award – Emerging Actor”

CATERINA BOCCARDI – “Emerging Award – Actress – Writer”

ANNALISA INSARDÀ – “Career Award – Actress”

SALVATORE MAZZA – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Actor”

LUIGI NICOLAS MARTINI – “Emerging Award – Actor”

LORENZO CALVANI – “Emerging Prize – Poet”

RINO RODIO – “Emerging Award – Actor”

PIERO GURRIERI – “Emerging Award – Actor”

ANNALISA CALANDUCCI – “Emerging Award – Actress”

VALENTINA CESARIO – “Screenwriter Award – Emerging”

FRANCESCO AMORUSO – “Emerging Award – Writer”

PAOLA BARZI – “Emerging Award – Actress”

FRANCESCO MUSTO – “Emerging Award – Actor – Director”

LUIGI CONVERSO – “Emerging Award – Actor”

VALENTINA GALDI – “Debutants Award – Screenwriter – Director”

GIOELE SERPILLI – “Emerging Award – Imitator”

FEBE CECCARINI – “Emerging Award – Singer”

ANTONINO MORABITO – “Emerging Award – Actor”

GIANCARLO LONGO – “Emerging Award – Actor”

FRANCESCO BAX – “In Career Award – Contemporary Author and Dancer”

MARIO DE MARI – “Emerging Award – Actor”

KRIS MARTANO – “In Career Award – Singer – Manager – Music Producer”

PAOLA RUBINO – “Emerging Award – Actress”

DUILIO A.VACCARI – “Career Award – Actor”

FILIPPO FRANCESCO LONGO – “Debutant Award – Actor”

GIANLUCA RONCATO – “Emerging Award – Television Artist”

SARA MONTESANTO – “Emerging Award – Singer”

MARCO CIORBA – “Career Award – Film Noise Maker”

VINCENT PAPA – “Emerging Award – Actor – Painter Special Mention”

DENNIS MANZI – “Prize Presigiatore – Illusionist”

ANITA TAFRA – “Premio Make Up Artist”

FABIO VASCO – “Emerging Award – Actor – Director”

DESIRÉ SARA SERVENTI – “Award – Blogger”

KASSIM YASSIN SALEH – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Director – Author”

FERDINANDO MADDALONI – “Career Award – Author – Director – Actor”

GIANFRANCO ZEDDE – “Emerging Award – Imitator”

FRANCESCA ROMANA D’ANDREA – “Career Award – Radio Presenter – Singer”

MARILINA MARINO – “Emerging Award – Actress”

MANUEL RULLI – “Emerging Award – Actor”

MAHEYA COLLINS – “Lifetime Achievement Award – Singer”

SANDRO BARBIERI – “Career Award – Musician – Mudical Producer”

SOPHIE LLOYD – “Premio estero – Guitarist Composer – Performer – Social Media Content Creator”

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Vincenzo Crocitti International Award, from Maurizio Costanzo to Carlo Verdone: all the winners of 2021

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