Twitkustik RDI 97.1 FM: Ujang Epen, Three J, Bermano & Rere Reina Perform Hits: Okezone Celebrity

PROGRAM The routine from RDI 97.1 FM Jakarta “Twitkustik” was again held to entertain RDI friends, directly from Tamini Square, East Jakarta, on Friday, (10/12/2021). On Twitkustik this time, hosts Kong Jaing and Aina Titta received many cool guest stars, such as Ujang Epen, Three J, Bermano and also Rere Reina.

A young man from Sunda, Ujang Epen was present as the opening act at this time’s RDI Twitkustik. Ujang Epen, who is known for his hits, unique and fun songs, sang his two newest songs to entertain all the audience who came, Nasib Jalma Kasep and Juralit.

Regarding the song Juralit, Ujang Epen said that it was actually created due to the effects of this pandemic. “Juralit is actually telling about how hard it is for people to make money, to the point of working hard here and there. It’s really hard,” said Ujang Epen to Twitkustik hosts Kong Jain and Aina Titta.

“Oh right! Not just tossing and turning, but to the point of swerving, throwing things at home from being dizzy, he he he,” joked Kong Jaing, who is also a Totwit broadcaster.

After Ujang Epen’s appearance, the Twitkustik stage also saw the arrival of the next handsome man, who else if not Bermano. This handsome-looking man came to the Twitkutik stage to entertain RDI friends. In this performance, Bermano sings his song entitled Sebenang.

“This song tells of a man who has just realized that he has not understood the meaning of love. Because in the lyrics there are the words ‘maybe I’m retarded in understanding the meaning of love, maybe I’m behind the times I have to crochet love’. The term is more or less like that,” said Bermano to the hosts of Twiskustik Kong Jaing and Aina Titta.

Apart from singing the song Sebenang, in his appearance this time, Bermano also performed a duet with the beautiful singer Rere Reina by performing the song Akustik Cinta, which is a duet project of Rere Reina and Jamal Mirdad.

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After performing a duet with Bermano, Rere Reina also sang her newest song, which was quite different from before. Where this new song is a remix genre with the title So I’m Just a Moment.

Almost eight years of vacuum, this time Emi Purnamasari is back to entertain RDI’s friends on the Twitkustik stage by bringing her song entitled Tega-Teganya.

But not only that, Emi Purnamasari returned to the music industry after a long hiatus with something new, where this time she returned to create a trio called Three J consisting of Emi Purnamasari, Ria Molex and Rya Syakila.

As the last performance on Twitkustik this time, Three J performed their debut song, Keser Keser, which was the closing for this Twitkustik.

Twitkustik broadcasts every Friday on Radio RDI 97.1 FM, and will be present live at exeiz locations in Jakarta and its surroundings. More detailed information can be seen on the Instagram account @rdi971.


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Twitkustik RDI 97.1 FM: Ujang Epen, Three J, Bermano & Rere Reina Perform Hits: Okezone Celebrity

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