Trieste, 17 years old strangled in a hostel by another boy. The young man taken to prison

IS strangled dead the 17enne body found a Trieste, within a hostel. The autopsy has already been ordered, while the investigators have stopped and listened to a 21enne, considered the prime suspect in the murder. The young man was arrested and taken to prison in the morning.

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Trieste, the 17-year-old’s body in a hostel

The body of the young man, the 17-year-old Robert Trajkovic, from Trieste of Serbian origins, was in the atrium of a hostel located in a building in via Rittmeyer. To investigate are the carabinieri, who have already ruled out natural death. For this reason, the most likely hypothesis is that it could be a murder. The magistrate on duty and the coroner, Fulvio Costantinides, had already intervened on the spot yesterday evening.

Trieste, 17 years old strangled with a lace under the stairs

The 17-year-old killed in a hostel in Trieste would have been strangled perhaps for reasons of jealousy by a young man just over 18. The alleged perpetrator was heard in the night by the investigators. According to some rumors, he would have made statements regarding the incident. At the moment the investigators are maintaining the utmost confidentiality.
Robert Trajkovic, the victim, was allegedly strangled by a string tied around his neck in the basement of the building where a hostel is located. This was announced by the Trieste Public Prosecutor’s Office. The investigations, launched yesterday afternoon by the Carabinieri Operational Unit immediately after the discovery of the lifeless body and coordinated by the Replaced Prosecutor Lucia Baldovin, made it possible to quickly identify the alleged perpetrator of the fact.

Trieste, the victim’s father: “It was an ambush”

“My son was the victim of an ambush.” This was stated by Peter, the father of Robert Trajkovich, 17, of Serbian origin, found dead in a hostel in via Rittmeyer in Trieste. «Robert – explains his father – had an appointment with his girlfriend in an accommodation facility. Her ex-boyfriend, a 20-year-old of Moroccan descent, was jealous. He ambushed him. Robert had warned that he was coming from the San Giacomo district. The ex-boyfriend was with the young woman. Then he went down, he would go to meet him and strangle him. There was also a Romanian with him. We don’t know if they put him in the car or if they strangled him right away. ‘

Trieste, 21 years old arrested and taken to prison

For the 21-year-old, alleged perpetrator of the murder of the strangled boy in the basement of a building used as a guest house in Trieste, the arrest was ordered. The young man was then taken to prison. This was announced by the Prosecutor’s Office. The interrogation of the suspect, immediately ordered by the magistrate, could not take place immediately because the young man fell ill and was taken to hospital. The 21-year-old was heard this morning after he resigned from the hospital. Tomorrow the prosecutor will formally open the file of the preliminary investigations, registering the crime of voluntary homicide.

Trieste, Robert’s brother: “He had disappeared since Friday”

“My brother had been missing since Friday. He didn’t answer the phone. We made appeals on social media and through local media »to find him. This was stated by Christian Trajkovic, brother of Robert, the 17-year-old killed in the basement of a building that houses a hostel in Trieste. Christian is the eldest of four brothers and reports that at the moment the family has not been contacted by the Carabinieri for a deposition. “We heard about the discovery of the body tonight, it’s a difficult time,” he says. “I no longer have the strength, we have a pain that cannot be explained,” adds his father, Peter. “I’m destroyed. I have not slept and ate nothing ». Robert, says Peter, “was studying and was doing an internship.” “I haven’t seen the body yet – he concludes – the autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.” According to family members, the girl Robert was supposed to meet is 19 years old, she is Italian and had lived for two years in Germany.

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Trieste, 17 years old strangled in a hostel by another boy. The young man taken to prison

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