“The world of Francis”, the special Sky TG24 on the Pope on his birthday

The World of Francesco”, A special by Sky TG24 dedicated to holy Father aired on December 17, his 85th birthday. Friday 17th December at 9pm Sky TG24 tells, in a special divided into six chapters, The “World of Francesco”, the thought of the former Papa Jesuit and Latin American of history.

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“Il mondo di Francesco” will be broadcast on the news channel at 9.00 pm on December 17th and available on demand

“The world of Francis”, the special SkyTG24 on the Pope

The mission of a pontificate summed up in its name, Francesco, which no one before him had ever chosen. On the occasion of the 85 years of Jorge Maria Bergoglio, Sky TG24 tells, in a special divided into six chapters, The World of Francesco, the thought of the first Jesuit and Latin American Pope in history. The special, an original production by Sky TG24, signed by the Vatican expert Stefano Maria Paci, with the collaboration of Laura Ceccherini and edited by Roberto Palladino, will be broadcast on the news channel at 21:00 on December 17th and available on demand.

Pope francesco it is openly inspired by the Saint of Assisi: “Francis is the man of peace – he said in 2013, explaining the choice -. And so the name came into my heart: Francis of Assisi. For me he is the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and guards creation ». The environment and the last ones, the reforms in the Church and the criticisms of the new capitalism, civil rights and the confrontation with other religions and world political leaders are the themes at the center of his apostolic vision. And of his profound priestly identity, which is essentially an exercise of love expressed in closeness to people, in forgiveness and in mercy. In this sense – as confirmed by the unpublished testimonies of the special – the pontificate is for Pope Francescor a way of expressing his being a priest and not simply a position to be filled.

Among the interviews, the Director of Civiltà Cattolica Father Antonio Spadaro, one of the personalities in the Vatican closest to the Pope, then Domenico Giani, commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie for 13 years, alongside Francis on every apostolic journey and the archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, particularly dedicated to addressing the issues of poverty and immigration.

The documentary also reserves an in-depth study of the painful theme of pedophilia with Father Hans Zollner, commissioned by Francis to lead the Institute of “Anthropology, interdisciplinary studies on human dignity and the care of vulnerable people” at the Gregorian University. And to the moving memory of the trip to Lampedusa in 2013 in the words of the Director General of Save the Children Daniela Fatarella. Finally, the testimony of Andrea Rubera, father of three children together with her husband, who received a phone call from Francesco to talk about his doubts as a homosexual Catholic regarding the education of his children. In the story, the most moving and emblematic images alternate with the words of Francis, to convey the deepest meaning of his mission.

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“The world of Francis”, the special Sky TG24 on the Pope on his birthday

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