The photos of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck that have given a lot to talk about

The name of Ben Affleck usually takes the headlines, but these days, accompanied by another Jennifer, because since he resumed his relationship with JLO, a lot is seen of the actor. With whom he is seen a little less and less is with his ex-wife and mother of his children, Jennifer Garner. Although the exes seem to have found a balance in their relationship, and they were even seen with everything and the singer coinciding on the streets of her neighborhood asking for Halloween, from time to time there is still a report that draws attention. This time it was some photographs in which the exes were seen chatting animatedly, which quickly went viral. But as in social networks, appearances can be deceiving, the pair of photographs that were shown seemed to reveal a disagreement between them, while when seeing the complete sequence it is possible to notice that there was none of this.

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In their most romantic fall, JLo and Ben Affleck unleash their love for New York

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, living proof that the second parts are sometimes good

In an image that has been seen repeatedly since their separation, the couple was caught walking the streets of California. In a short clip that spread like wildfire in the networks, Ben is seen gesturing with his hands repeatedly, while Jennifer turns to look towards the street and hears him a little downcast. It is precisely from this moment that the images were taken up that went viral.

But the sequence shows a little more. Apparently, the ex-partner met at their children’s school. In the photographs they are seen reviewing a document together at the same time very cordially, something that was left out on social networks. The actors seem to have the same relationship as when they decided to go their separate ways, in which Jennifer became very supportive of Ben as he dealt with his personal issues. Now in a new phase of his life, with Affleck completely devoted to his reunion with Jennifer Lopez, the mother of his children continues to be a figure of importance and support for him.

Ben Affleck y Jennifer GarnerVIEW GALLERY

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘déjà vu’ on the red carpet: imposing and with Ben Affleck

A ben in love

Coinciding with these photographs, there were several appearances of Ben with JLo in different settings, in which they were completely in love. Turning a deaf ear to the fact that second parts are never good, the protagonists of the famous Bennifer of a couple of decades ago, have returned to their love even more strongly than the first time. The couple was seen these days first in the stands of a basketball game, in which Ben got romantic with his girlfriend while she tried to contain her laughter at what the actor whispered in her ear.

Most recently, the couple were seen at the premiere of The Tender Bar in Los Angeles. Parading down the red carpet, everything indicates that JLo continues with his slight nods to the years of his first relationship with the actor. This time she did it through her look with a beautiful Elie Saab chiffon dress that she wore to the max by wearing her hair half up. The tone of the design she wore tonight was very reminiscent of that dress with which she appeared on Affleck’s arm at the Oscars in 2003, before their breakup occurred. As happened during their trip to Italy in the summer, it seems that the couple have sought to recap some of the most memorable moments of their relationship.

Ben Affleck y Jennifer GarnerVIEW GALLERY

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The photos of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck that have given a lot to talk about

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