The laundry loses her wedding dress. Vanessa’s (desperate) appeal: “Help me find it”

The wedding dress it’s a dream for many girls and when you find the right one you never leave it. Vanessa she had wanted hers so much, she had worn it on her happiest day and can’t bear to have lost it for six months now. The young woman, a 32-year-old from the Friulian municipality of Fontanafredda, she hasn’t heard from the dress since she took it to the laundry. From here an appeal on social networks for someone to help her find it.

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The appeal to find the wedding dress

“I write this appeal in the hope that the solidarity of those who will share it will help me … I honestly never imagined sharing photos of me, dressed in my much desired wedding dress, on social networks, to ask for help from each of you to find it … that’s right, the laundry to which I entrusted the washing of the dress of my dreams, has lost it and after 6 months has not yet been able to find it and I am sick … “, writes on Facebook la 32enne.

Bride dress wanted

Three days after the wedding, Vanessa and her husband take their clothes to their trusted laundry. Two months later he goes to pick up her suit and asks about the wedding dress, but they tell him that it was given to another specialist laundry and that the job was taking longer because the quilts took precedence. Another two months pass and the first laundry admits: the dress cannot be found.

Lost wedding dress, Vanessa’s appeal

In the post, which got thousands of shares, it still reads: “I took patience as I was asked why they had to do the appropriate checks, but to date I still have only hypotheses, but not my wonderful dress … so I decided to make this appeal to give me the opportunity to bring it back home because her place is at home with me … I ask all brides who have collected or who will collect their dress in the laundry after 12/06/2021 to check their dresses in the closet or at the time of collection because the hypothesis is that mine, mistakenly, was packaged with yours before being returned … please help me, because I cannot look at the photos or videos of my wedding without crying and without feeling the feeling of lack because that is the dress I dreamed of since I was a child … for those who know a bride who retired her dress after 12/06/2021 in FVG, Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna (the range of search is so extensive because the 2nd laundry that should have been taken care of king of the washing could not tell me for privacy reasons the names of the laundries that have flown into him (wedding dresses), ask you the kindness to waste a moment of your time checking because it could be a nuisance for you, but if doing so should my dress be found, for me it would be an immense joy and the end of a bad dream … heartfelt thanks to anyone who wants to help me».

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The laundry loses her wedding dress. Vanessa’s (desperate) appeal: “Help me find it”

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