The Fruit of Struggle, Tiara Andini Releases Debut Album Titled ‘Tiara Andini’ : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The long -awaited day has finally arrived! Beautiful and talented singer Tiara Andini released her debut full-length album with the same title as her name, Tiara Andini. At the same time, it was a beautiful day not only for Tiara Andini, but also for Mootiara (as Tiara Andini’s fans) and the Indonesian public with the arrival of an album that was so eagerly awaited by this shining young singer.

Two days before Tiara Andini’s debut album was released, Tiara had surprised and proud of her fans by successfully being selected as Spotify EQUAL Artist Indonesia for December, which made Tiara Andini’s face plastered on the billboard of New York’s Times Square, to represent Indonesia.

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In Tiara Andini’s debut album, the dropout from the Indonesian Idol talent search attracted several famous musicians and hit creators. Call it Yovie Widianto, Laleilmanino, Asta RAN, Handy Soulvibe, Vidi Aldiano, to one of his duet friends, Arsy Widianto. Contains eight songs, five of which are previously released hits entitled; Gemintang My Heart, I’m Sorry #TerlanjurMencinta, 365, Face It Together, and Prove It. Meanwhile, three other additional songs are entitled; Be Him, Feel Beautiful, and Promise Faithful.

Being Dia was created by Arsy Widianto, produced by Yovie Widianto and Adrian Kitut. Meanwhile, the song Feeling Indah was written by Yovie Widianto, and produced by Yovie Widianto together with Adrian Kitut. For the last song, Promise Setia was composed by Asta RAN, Handy Soulvibe, and Tiara Andini. Acting as producers are Asta RAN and Handy Soulvibe.

“I’m really happy to finally be releasing an album. In my opinion, this is a very sacred thing, because I have been single for several times, and this is the first album in my life, so I am very happy with this achievement,” said Tiara Andini about the debut album which she just released.

Tiara added, if this album is the fruit of her struggle not only as a singer, but during her life, and she is very grateful for that, with the hope that this album can be accepted by the whole community that listens.

“I’m very grateful to have friends, family, and circles that support me throughout my career until I have an album. Hopefully it will bring good influence, and can inspire you,” he hoped.

Besides being able to enjoy it on all digital streaming platforms, this album is also available in the form of a boxset that you can get exclusive pre-orders starting on December 17 at 17:00 WIB together with Tokopedia Play Livestream. This boxset consists of; A CD, a lyric booklet, and four Tiara Magic Cards with different images and using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide a unique experience through scans of the user’s device. There’s also a bonus polaroid photo to be found in the 10 boxset for the lucky buyer. In addition, this boxset is very special because it was signed directly by Tiara herself.

Apart from being in audio form, the song Be Dia will also be released in the form of a music video which premieres on Friday, December 17 at 19:00 WIB and continues with the YouTube AfterParty (for YouTube premium users).

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The Fruit of Struggle, Tiara Andini Releases Debut Album Titled ‘Tiara Andini’ : Okezone Celebrity

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