The bitter outburst of Bugo against the media bullying suffered in the last two years

Bugo, who on the evening of December 24 was among the artists who performed at the Concert in the Vatican transmitted by Channel 5, in recent days has published a long outburst full of bitterness for the treatment suffered by the press, and some colleagues, in the last two years.

The songwriter’s message starts with these words …

In the last month I have shown you the video clips of all my singles of these 20 years, a way to regain possession of my story again, so as not to get lost.

These have been two extremely strange years for me, it takes willpower to balance. I have touched Sanremo 2 times and I have felt both the affection of the public and the ostracism and derision. Many have thought of making fun of me, using my name inappropriately. Forgetting that dignity exists before notoriety.

My inaccuracies have been magnified out of all proportion, creating a certain atmosphere of mistrust around my name …

At this point Bugo focuses one of its main executioners in the press, the whole press. A true affirmation even if, the singer-songwriter allows us, not all the press has raged on him treating him more as a character than as an artist after the case Sanremo/Morgan. Our site certainly didn’t.

We would like to clarify it because being a site that deals with music these days, a historical moment in which Clickbait is raging and seems to have become the only way to survive economically, and unfortunately in part it is, cannot be generalized and trivialized in this way. the work of those who still believe in music.

Closed this due parenthesis, the songwriter’s speech continues with these words …

Let’s say that the press and some musical environment had fun behind my back, many characters would have deserved two good kicks in the ass. Had I not been strong and determined I would already be in depression. Fortunately, I have always had a good dose of cynicism that has allowed me to survive, not giving a damn about everything, as much as possible.

But the blows I got, and how, like this, for free, without a serious reason. The shots I heard them all right, it would be false to tell you that I am a superhero who was not injured.

In 2 years I have read only one article that did justice to my historic release (the article in question is by Nicholas David Altea). The other hundred or more articles were to belittle me. Does the press prefer trash then? It seems so.

I have been silent for 2 years, I have never replied to the countless meannesses that have been said and written about me. But why this fury towards me? I preferred silence, which has sent many people’s brains into a tailspin. I’ve been silent for two years, but I won’t do it for much longer.

Before closing, with hopeful words, the artist goes down even heavier …

Some people from TV, from the press and even some colleagues have lost their minds with what happened in Sanremo 2020, they are completely stoned, making statements bordering on defamation, in a media process that still continues, a process for which all these phenomena they feel compelled to always use one word too many when it comes to talking about me. Something that, as many have noticed, borders on media bullying.

I especially remember this year’s Sanremo, which suddenly turned into the intonation festival, in which I was massacred with ferocity … but how do you explain to all these improvised judges that in the history of music there are people like Lennon, Dylan and Battisti? Even al Bertè has expressed her voice inviting me to change jobs. You read that right, Bertè …

Bugo’s future

As we said Bugo, in the final part of his long outburst promises to look forward while, right now, he is working on new music …

I have certainly changed, facing a personal and professional storm over the past two years that I never imagined.

I start from scratch with some new ideas, I went back to the studio and I am writing new songs (it is not true that I have submitted a song for Sanremo 2022, as I have mistakenly read somewhere). Soon you will see some changes on my social networks, because that’s right. I can’t wait to say: now it’s my turn, now it’s my turn to have fun. “

In short, we just have to wait until, as soon as possible, Bugo let the music speak again with a new disc of unreleased songs.

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The bitter outburst of Bugo against the media bullying suffered in the last two years

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