The 15 best Sean Connery movies and one that stands above them all

It’s been more than a year since Sean Connery, one of the most representative actors of the second half of the 20th century, left us.

Was the October 31, 2020 when an acute myocardial infarction killed the first James Bond in movie history.

His extensive filmography has left us some iconic films that we have seen not once, but dozens of times, you enjoy all of them.

Today in Hobby Consolas we are going to review Sean Connery’s 15 best movies, according to their rating on IMDb, and to highlight the one that is above those 15.


Marnie, la ladrona

Alfred Hitchcock in 1964 he directed this thriller with romantic and drama overtones in which Sean Connery plays the boss of a liar and thief.

Marnie, la ladrona follows the main character, played by Tippi Hedren, who is a consummate con artist and thief.

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When Connery’s character Mark hires her, Marnie doesn’t change her habits, but he decides to marry her.

The situation will reach the limit after an accident in which Marnie must face his fears. Mark will help her delve into her past, where all these problems lie.


The immortals (1986)

It can only be one. The immortals is one of the most mythical films of Sean Connery, although he would play a more secondary role in the story.

Connery would give life to Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, Connor’s mentor and who would explain what it meant to be an Immortal.

The film stars Christopher Lambert, who would live for centuries to face the last Immortal in New York.


Agent 007 vs. Doctor No

You can’t go through Sean Connery’s filmography without making some stops in his time like James Bond.

Agent 007 against dr. No takes the iconic spy to Jamaica, where he had to investigate murders committed by a British agent and his secretary.

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There he will discover a plot orchestrated by the organization led by Doctor No, who plans to deflect the rockets that were taking off from Cape Canaveral.

Naturally, a plan like that involved James Bond to save the day, the world, and the space race.


Discovering Forrester

Gus Van Sant would direct in the year 2000 Discovering Forrester, a film that fell in love with the tandem between Sean Connery and Rob Brown.

Connery plays William Forrester, a sullen and curmudgeonly neighbor with a rather mysterious neighborhood reputation.

But Jamal (Brown) sneaks into his house with a portfolio full of literary works, through which he would begin to forge his bond with the old man.


Murder on the Orient Express

The adaptation of the prolific novel by Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express 1974 is one of the masterpieces in which Connery was able to participate.

The actor would give life to Coronel Arbuthnot on film, bringing his class and distinction to the film.

Murder on the Orient Express garnered six Oscar nominations, of which she won one, for Best Supporting Actress (Ingrid Bergman)


From Russia with love

A new case for Agent 007 would take James Bond to Istanbul, where many challenges awaited him.

The creation of a machine capable of deciphering almost any type of coded message made the device the target of the British spy.

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Agent 007’s adventure would lead him to meet one of his great nemesis, Shaw, a ruthless and deadly assassin.

From Russia with love is one of the most valued films of the extensive filmography of James Bond.


The rock

Few men have escaped Alcatraz, alive, at least. And although another of the greats was Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery would do the same in due course.

This would lead the FBI to draw on its experience when a group of rebel Marines stormed the old prison and threatened to launch VX gas rockets on San Francisco.

Nicolas cage would be the counterpart of Sean Connery as the protagonist, both faced with a huge Ed Harris, who would play the leader of the Marines.

The Rock is a pure action film to which Connery brings that class that only actors of his caliber were capable of bringing.


A distant bridge

Sean Connery has a good number of war movies to his credit, and A distant bridge it is only the first of which we will see.

The film is set within the framework of the Market Garden operation, the Allied plan to take over several bridges that would allow quick and easy access to Germany on the WWII.

But the misfortunes and the weather would turn one of the most ambitious operations of the war into one of the greatest war fiascos of the 20th century.


The hunt for Red October

Seeing Sean Connery commanding a Soviet nuclear submarine is one of the great pleasures for any lover of cinema set in submarines.

The hunt for Red October play the distraction with the intentions of one of the most decorated Russian captains in the navy.

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Desertion or attack on the United States incited by rebellion? The capitán Marko Ramius he knows exactly what he’s doing.

But nobody in the US intelligence services knows his plans, although a young analyst, Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) seems to smell the toast.


The name of the rose

War and life in the sea take their toll, so it’s normal that good old Sean Connery wants to occasionally enjoy some ascetic life in an isolated monastery.

The name of the rose puts the Scottish actor in the shoes of a former inquisitor who meets a crime in a monastery.

His investigation will be hampered by some monks and by an active inquisitor who was a former rival of good old William de Baskerville.


James Bond contra Goldfinger

Before you could mess it up with a laptop and computer skills, influencing the price of gold required more … explosive measures.

Auric Goldfinger, an infamous tycoon, intends to detonate a nuclear weapon at Fort Knox, headquarters of the United States Federal Reserve and the place where the largest gold reserve in the country is kept.

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Goldfinger’s goal is for the valuable metal to see its market price rise. Naturally, 007 will be there to save the day.

James Bond contra Goldfinger is the highest rated 007 Sean Connery film.


The man who could reign

The man who could reign It is one of the most legendary Sean Connery tapes that you will find on the list.

The action takes place in India, in 1880, where Danny Dravot (Sean Connery) and Peachy Carnehan (Michael Caine) survive by selling smuggled weapons.

When they decide to cross the Himalayas to try their fortune in the legendary kingdom of Kafiristán, the two will be turned into heroes when protecting a town from its assailants.


Longest Day - Sean Connery

We return to World War II with one of the films that reviews with more precision the events that took place during the day that would change the course of the conflict.

The longest day relates the Normadía landing on all fronts, including during the night parachute raids the day before the troops arrived by sea.

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Connery plays one of the British soldiers who took part in the landing, although his participation is “overshadowed” by other actors.

And it is that the tape is carried out by other titans like Henry Fonda, John Wayne, y Robert Mitchum, who enjoy greater prominence.


The hill of lost men

This time Sean Connery was the protagonist. The hill of lost men It’s one of those war movies set in a prison camp.

It is not nearly as well known as The Great Escape, for example, but it starkly describes the brutality to which prisoners of war were subjected.

Sean Connery plays a soldier trying to lead a rebellion in a North African prison camp, where power-hungry guards unleash hardships on them.


The Untouchables

So much warmongering would make many want to have a good drink, but Sean Connery would side with the authorities during the controversial Prohibition Law.

The untouchables of Eliot Ness take us to one of the most gruesome periods in the United States, when it was decided to ban the sale of alcohol.

A group of treasury agents, including a veteran patrolman, will begin the pursuit of the actions of one of the most well-known gangster bosses in history: Al Capone.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

It would be very strange if someone by this point had not seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but rarer things have been seen.

Sean Connery plays Indy’s father, the professor Henry Jones, whose tandem with Harrison Ford he won over the fans forever.

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With this we finish our review of the best Sean Connery films. You will notice notable absences such as Dragonheart The The first knight, but remember that we have been guided by the rating on IMDb to shape the list.

Which Sean Connery movie would you watch over and over again?

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The 15 best Sean Connery movies and one that stands above them all

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