Take a peek at Lyodra Ginting’s hilarious story Forgot to pay for a meal at a restaurant : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Lyodra Margaretha Ginting or who is familiarly called Lyodra is an 18 year old singer from Medan, North Sumatra. Following the talent search event Indonesian Idol X, Lyodra managed to become the youngest winner in the history of Indonesian Idol.

Since childhood Lyodra has received many awards, from within and even abroad. He won the Sanremo Junior Festival in Italy in 2017, at that time he was only 13 years old. Because of the great works and cheerful personality, it’s no wonder this singer has a lot of fans. Until now, Lyodra has released several songs which were well received by many music lovers.

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Through his YouTube channel, this time, Lyodra created new exciting content, namely playing a game entitled ‘Never Never’. In this game, Lyodra will answer several questions that have been prepared with an answer of never or never.

In one of the questions, Lyodra discussed forgetting song lyrics when performing. Unexpectedly, Lyodra admits that he often forgets song lyrics when singing on stage. Then the next question is whether Lyodra ever liked the contestants of the Indonesian Idol talent show. Lyodra also explained that he only considered Indonesian Idol contestants as friends.

The next exciting question is whether Lyodra ever ate at a restaurant and then forgot to pay. The girl also shared that recently, she forgot to pay for food at a mall in Jakarta. “A week ago I ate at PI, when we ate, we didn’t pay, we forgot,” said Lyodra. After leaving the restaurant, Lyodra was approached by a restaurant employee who asked for payment.

For those who are curious about Lyodra’s exciting stories, let’s watch the full video only on the Lyodra Official YouTube channel!

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Take a peek at Lyodra Ginting’s hilarious story Forgot to pay for a meal at a restaurant : Okezone Celebrity

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