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Stream N Chill So You Want to Talk A24

A24 is the most talked-about independent entertainment company in Hollywood these days. Film production and acquisition are not exactly the stuff of water cooler talk, right? Miranda Montenegro | COURTESY PHOTO Actors, Marvel, specific scenes and occasionally, directors. Those tend to come up. IFC Films and Roadside Attractions? Yeah, not so much. So, what if … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti defends Paola Di Benedetto from the haters: “If we talk about it, it’s because we need it”

Aurora Ramazzotti defends Paola Di Benedetto from the haters If

Words so aggressive to the unfiltered photo of Paola Di Benedetto no one expected them, not even a social media regular like Aurora Ramazzotti, which has made imperfection its mantra. Yet the reaction of Michelle Hunziker’s daughter was inevitable when, scrolling through the Corriere’s social page, she found the tenor of the comments against Paola … Read more

Pio and Amedeo: «In“ Belli Ciao ”we talk about the obsession with success and social media». In 2022 the return to TV and a top secret project

Pio and Amedeo In Belli Ciao we talk about the

Pio and Amedeo are childhood friends that growing up in a small Apulian village, they shared everything, up to the most critical moment of those who live in the south, the diploma. Then, like the story of many young people looking for their way, they separated. Pio made a career in finance in Milan, Amedeo … Read more

ARTE/ZDF film head Meinolf Zurhorst reflects on career in Sarajevo talk

ARTEZDF film head Meinolf Zurhorst reflects on career in Sarajevo

Meinolf Zurhorst, the highly-respected producer, commissioner and writer who has worked at French-German public broadcaster ARTE since 1992, was in Sarajevo Film Festival on Tuesday (Aug 14) to deliver a reflective talk on his career. In an interview with Simon Perry from the ACE Producers network, Zurhorst discussed his time at ARTE, which he first … Read more

The photos of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck that have given a lot to talk about

The name of Ben Affleck usually takes the headlines, but these days, accompanied by another Jennifer, because since he resumed his relationship with JLO, a lot is seen of the actor. With whom he is seen a little less and less is with his ex-wife and mother of his children, Jennifer Garner. Although the exes … Read more

Nobody expected it: This celebrity wants to talk to Britney Spears in private

Nobody expected it This celebrity wants to talk to Britney

In the year 2000 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake they became the dream couple for all his followers. She just became the ‘Princess of Pop’ and he was the favorite soloist of the band N * Sync. Their relationship lasted four years and now they have not spoken for more than 15 years. Although the … Read more

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