Movie Review: IFC Midnight’s ‘Kindred’ (2020) is A Mind-Boggling Psychological Thriller – PopHorror

Movie Review IFC Midnights Kindred 2020 is A Mind Boggling Psychological

Man, the last couple of weeks I’ve watched a plethora of amazing thriller and horror films and I can’t get enough of them. It’s definitely been one of the highlights of 2020 for me. One of those films is the new psychological thriller, Kindred from IFC Midnight. Tamara Lawrance as “Charlotte” in Joe Marcantonio’s KINDRED. … Read more

‘See for Me’ Review: A Blind Assassin Is Born in IFC Midnight’s Gripping Thriller

See for Me Review A Blind Assassin Is Born in

Visually impaired actor Skylar Davenport plays a blind house sitter handling a home invasion in a triumph of authentic casting. From “Scent of a Woman” to “Dancer in the Dark,” blind characters onscreen have rarely been played by the visually impaired. While recent films like “CODA” and “Sound of Metal” have shown deaf characters with … Read more

‘Lamb’ review: A24’s gorgeous new horror is its weirdest movie to date

Lamb review A24s gorgeous new horror is its weirdest movie

Valdimar Jóhannsson knows you want to see it. Centered on the birth of a bizarre human-sheep baby raised by lonely farmers, the filmmaker’s freshman effort asks a simple, consciousness-stalking question: “What does that demon baby look like?” A mad genius, a methodical torturer, or some combination, Jóhannsson knows when (and how) to stage this reveal. … Read more

Review of “The stone sky”, by NK Jemisin, the end of the seasons arrives

Review of The stone sky by NK Jemisin the end

N.K. Jemisin is one of the most successful international authors in recent years. In this time he has won numerous science fiction and fantasy awards and his novels have reached thousands of readers around the world. His trilogy «The fragmented Earth»Is his best known and most awarded work. If you have not started reading this … Read more

REVIEW: Isama Zing remained true to “Blurry AF” faithfulness and naturalness

REVIEW Isama Zing remained true to Blurry AF faithfulness and

Isama Zing is a chameleon with fun in connecting the world of electronics with the acoustic. His concept of vocal lines is universal, yet imaginative in this space. He also proves this on the album “Blurry AF”. It’s a rugged, multi-layered record that will literally engulf you with its passion. 9/10 Include Zing – Blurry … Read more

REVIEW: Tomáš Klus returns to himself and his values ​​on the album “I Feel”

REVIEW Tomas Klus returns to himself and his values ​​on

Tomáš Klus released two albums last year. After the political “ČAUČESKU” he came at the end of the year with a purely personal collection. He collaborated again with producer Jiří Burian and with the help of guitar mage, companion Jiří Kučerovský. “I feel” reveals the author’s feelings and relationships, whether to those closest to them … Read more

Review of ‘The Big Sick’ (2017) by Michael Showalter | Film News – Billboard – Reviews – Interviews – Podcast

Review of The Big Sick 2017 by Michael Showalter

‘The Big Sick’ is the true romantic story of the comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his current wife Emily (Co-author of the script). The film recounts, in a hilarious and moving tone, the contrast between love and family traditions. Judd Apatow (‘Girls’, ‘Knocked Up’, ‘This is 40’, ‘Bridesmaids’) as a producer he has a reputation for … Read more

REVIEW: In his book, Ted Gioia looks at music in a subversive context

REVIEW In his book Ted Gioia looks at music in

“Music. Subversive History” is a publication that introduces you to the history of music in completely different respects than it might seem at first glance. Ted Gioia is a passionate lover of music of many genres and devotes himself to music history. His latest book is a thorough, slightly provocative excursion. A passionate jazzman, pianist, … Read more

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