Officials take critical notes from nitrogen study – ‘Cabinet is cold for 24 hours and already has shit on the marble’ – Foodlog

Officials take critical notes from nitrogen study Cabinet is

This is evident from a large amount of information that has come out through a WOB request from Greenpeace. For example, there was originally a warning against the large-scale purchase of land around nature reserves, because the motivation for the purchase could be unsound. Then €5 billion will have been spent, but there is a … Read more

Genetic breakthrough against nitrogen load – Manipulation of bacteria helps reduction of nitrogen fertilizer in grain production – Foodlog

Genetic breakthrough against nitrogen load Manipulation of bacteria helps

Bacteria from the roots of a corn plant can break the bonds between two nitrogen atoms. Now that this has been proven, such bacteria could be used to minimize the use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture. This should be apparent from new research results that were published in the scientific journal of the American Chemical … Read more

Data does not produce farmers’ nitrogen, but costs mountains of energy – Municipalities incapable of deciding whether to use the countryside after the farmer? – Food log

Data does not produce farmers nitrogen but costs mountains of

Because farmers stop, land becomes available. Data centers can be built on it. And the Netherlands is a popular location, because we have an excellent infrastructure for international talent, just think of Schiphol. One and one equals two, you might think. In North Holland’s Dutch Crown they already have experience with it. Microsoft and Google … Read more

‘Giant bomb under nitrogen approach’ – Isover and other industrial companies in Brabant enrich themselves with emission rights – Foodlog

Giant bomb under nitrogen approach Isover and other industrial

Isover in Etten-Leur managed to obtain a permit for 865 tons of NO . in the middle of the nitrogen crisisx and 322 tons of NH3 with the province of Brabant. This amount can be compared with the emissions of 280 dairy farms. A reconstructionIn 2017, research into the compliance of the industry with the … Read more

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