‘Lamb’ review: A24’s gorgeous new horror is its weirdest movie to date

Lamb review A24s gorgeous new horror is its weirdest movie

Valdimar Jóhannsson knows you want to see it. Centered on the birth of a bizarre human-sheep baby raised by lonely farmers, the filmmaker’s freshman effort asks a simple, consciousness-stalking question: “What does that demon baby look like?” A mad genius, a methodical torturer, or some combination, Jóhannsson knows when (and how) to stage this reveal. … Read more

‘Lamb’ ending explained: Director reveals the chilling truth behind his A24 horror hit

Lamb ending explained Director reveals the chilling truth behind his

Few movies this year are as quietly captivating as Valdimar Jóhannsson’s minimalist supernatural horror movie Lamb, released in the U.S. by famed indie studio A24. With more animals seen onscreen than human actors, Jóhannsson’s debut feature film explores parental grief and loss amidst vast Icelandic farmlands. And it’s in these wide-open fields of dull greenery … Read more

Horror Film ‘The Other Lamb’ Acquired by IFC Midnight

Horror Film The Other Lamb Acquired by IFC Midnight

IFC Midnight has acquired the North American rights to “The Other Lamb,” a horror film about a cult of women that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, the distributor announced Thursday. Raffey Cassidy, Michiel Huisman and Denise Gough star in the film from Australian director Małgorzata Szumowska and writer Catherine S. … Read more

A24’s Lamb proves to be an engrossing yet confusing natural horror

A24s Lamb proves to be an engrossing yet confusing natural

By Omran Al Jallaf, Third Year, Politics & International Relations A24 horror films like The Witch, Hereditary, and Midsummer have gained quite a lot of appeal and success these past few years; their distinctive style of being unnerving has almost made them a subgenre of their own within the horror canon. Now Lamb, the debut … Read more

‘Lamb’ Is a Classic A24 Horror Movie That Leaves Viewers Feeling Pensive

Lamb Is a Classic A24 Horror Movie That Leaves Viewers

A24’s latest film, “Lamb,” hits every one of the studio’s classic marks. A24 is an entertainment company known for creating “Eighth Grade,” “Lady Bird,” “Uncut Gems” and many other successful films. These movies quickly gained popularity based on the studio’s brand name alone. Thanks to A24’s production of fantastic film after fantastic film, its reputation … Read more

Lamb director Valdimar Jóhannsson on bringing the new A24 movie to life

Lamb director Valdimar Johannsson on bringing the new A24 movie

Lamb, the latest international acquisition from A24 (the studio behind Hereditary), has blown critics away since premiering in July 2021. Currently holding an impressive 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, Lamb is a unique story about loss, folklore, and an anthropomorphic sheep child called Ada. In our interview with the drama movie‘s director Valdimar Jóhannsson, we discuss … Read more

A24’s Lamb: The 7 Wildest & Weirdest Fan Theories, According To Reddit

A24s Lamb The 7 Wildest Weirdest Fan Theories According

The Icelandic folk-horror/fantasy film, Lamb, starring Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snær Guonason, debuted at Cannes Film Festival in July 2021 and has since received a staggered release worldwide. Audience members have been subjected to its haunting yet beautiful images and themes, with many considering it a movie with a lot to ponder over. RELATED: 10 … Read more

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