Union and supermarkets together activist – FNV and supermarket umbrella organization CBL tackle exploitation in Italian tomato industry

Union and supermarkets together activist FNV and supermarket umbrella

Al in 2006 the first reports of serious human rights violations emerged. illegally operating human recruiters, corporals, migrants from low-wage countries who have ended up on the margins of Italian society gather to harvest the harvest in twelve-hour work weeks and against payment of half a local wage. Italy has 370,000 workers from 155 countries … Read more

Periscope 2022: Resurrection, Spirit, and Hope of the Film Industry in 2022 : Okezone Celebrity

Periscope 2022 Resurrection Spirit and Hope of the Film Industry

YEAR 2022 is a breath of fresh air for the Indonesian film industry. Even at the beginning of the year, there was already one Indonesian movie full of meaning and entertain the audience, namely First, Second & Third Love The trend of the Indonesian film industry is certainly different from before. Even though the Covid-19 … Read more

Local film distribution company, Gravitas Ventures, hopes to further cement Cleveland’s impact on the entertainment industry

Local film distribution company Gravitas Ventures hopes to further cement

How the local company is helping the city make its mark on the entertainment industry. CLEVELAND — The Greater Cleveland International Film Festival wrapped up this week, but what happens after the credits have rolled? That’s where film distributors like Gravitas Ventures come in. Gravitas, meaning “weight or heaviness” in Latin, was founded by Cleveland … Read more

With Spoony, children playfully discover vegetables – Using temptations from the food industry for healthier children – Foodlog

With Spoony children playfully discover vegetables Using temptations from

The jury selected 39 nominees from all applications. Between December 13 and January 16, consumers can choose their favorites via by stemwebsite. Creation of Spoony“I find it bizarre that there is so much knowledge about seducing children to want to taste and eat food, but that the food industry mainly applies this to cookies, candy … Read more

‘Greenhouse vegetables will become more expensive even without gas’ – ABN AMRO: greenhouse horticulture discovered as a fossil industry – Foodlog

Greenhouse vegetables will become more expensive even without gas

The Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector has already taken many steps in recent years in the field of sustainability and optimization of production. Nowhere in the world do so many kilograms of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and cucumbers come from a square meter, with relatively little use of energy, pesticides and water per kilogram of product. While … Read more

Dutch catering industry wants ‘refrigerator compensation’ for Christmas lockdown – American and British restaurants voluntarily close every other day – Foodlog

Dutch catering industry wants refrigerator compensation for Christmas lockdown

The Corona effect of the weekend of 18 and 19 December 2021, the Foodlog selection of the corona news from the (inter)national press. The Corona effect highlights cracks in the food chain, traces of new food systems and the ‘new healthy’. Here you will find our previous selections, in Spotted our daily newsroom. “They are … Read more

PEN Film Success Awakens Industry, Menparekraf: Big Impact and Absorb Creative Workforce : Okezone Celebrity

PEN Film Success Awakens Industry Menparekraf Big Impact and Absorb

JAKARTA – The national film industry is predicted to rebound next year in line with the increasingly controlled COVID-19 pandemic situation. National films are back in production, circulating again, so that the cinema business is getting more active. In order to strengthen the rise of the national film industry, the government disburses stimulus funds National … Read more

PEN Film Revives the Film Industry Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic : Okezone Celebrity

PEN Film Revives the Film Industry Amid the Covid 19 Pandemic

JAKARTA – The entertainment industry, especially the film industry, has also been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) launched the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program in the film sector or called PEN Film. The PEN Film program is considered to be able to restore … Read more

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