Mario Adinolfi: «Bassetti made my mother cry. The government takes away workers’ wages in the silence of the leaders of the left “

Mario Adinolfi Bassetti made my mother cry The government takes

It does not go unnoticed. Never. Both for its polemical visage and for its size: almost two meters high for 175 kilos (at least so he told Corriere della Sera in 2018). We are talking about Mario Adinolfi: writer, editor of the Catholic newspaper The cross and well-known face of Italian talk shows. Adinolfi always … Read more

Harmful fishing subsidies – ‘Government funding often keeps unprofitable fishing fleets at sea’ – Foodlog

Harmful fishing subsidies Government funding often keeps unprofitable fishing

As the only organization that can draft global agreements to curb harmful subsidies, the World Trade Organization WTO has the power to regulate fisheries subsidies. Negotiations on this are now at a crucial stage. Governments have subsidized their fleets for centuries for a variety of reasons: food security, pressure from industry lobbies, or simply national … Read more

You build the Grondbank in the country, not in The Hague – Government, have confidence in farmers and citizens when redesigning the Netherlands – Foodlog

You build the Grondbank in the country not in The

I think that the Netherlands should not throw its rich agricultural history overboard. I do not feel alone in that wish. It’s not just about the area where I was born and where my future as a farmer lies. Many more people feel connected to their region and do not want everything to be decided … Read more

School, the Government insists on returning to class. Son: “More testing and tracking”

School the Government insists on returning to class Son More

On the school the Government pulls straight and insists on returning to class as scheduled. Despite the Regions have asked to postpone the return to school, the commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo sent a circular to the principals asking for more tests and tracking in the school environment, with “greater active involvement of free choice pediatricians … Read more

Covid, the new government measures: vaccination obligation for over 50s, basic pass to go to hairdressers, post offices and shopping centers

Covid the new government measures vaccination obligation for over 50s

The Council of Ministers unanimously gave the green light to the new Covid decree law which introduces the compulsory vaccine for the over 50s. Super green pass at work for the over 50s, compulsory vaccine for the non-working population over 50 years of age. And after mediation in the CDM, the basic Green pass will … Read more

Salmo’s New Year’s gift is the unpublished “Losing my mind” (and a little dig at the government on closed discos) – TEXT AND DOWNLOAD

Salmos New Years gift is the unpublished Losing my mind

Salmo Losing my mind is the title of the song that the Sardinian rapper decided to give to his fans on the last day of 2021. This song is already known to some fans of Salmo as it has already been performed live in 2020 during an event with a different text in some places. … Read more

‘Retail, sector and government benefit from livestock farming with fewer animals’ – Anne Hilhorst (Wakker Dier) sees major changes – Foodlog

Retail sector and government benefit from livestock farming with fewer

I still get goosebumps when I think about the promise of the supermarkets. Within the next two years, they will all switch to chicken with at least one Beter Leven star from the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. A step for which we at Wakker Dier have been fighting for nine years. And … Read more

Covid, green light from the Government: no quarantine with the booster, super green pass for transport and outdoor restaurants.

Covid green light from the Government no quarantine with the

Covid, the just concluded Council of Ministers changes the rules on forty for the vaccinated and on super green pass and introduces the calmiere for the Ffp2 bezels. Read also> Covid, hospitalizations and intensive care beyond the alert threshold: the Regions towards the yellow zone Covid, no quarantine for vaccinated with boosters The rules for … Read more

Government increases are coming for top executives: the ceiling of 240 thousand euros is missing

Government increases are coming for top executives the ceiling of

Increases are also coming for the salaries of the heads of the public administration. The ceiling set in 2014 at 240 thousand euros can be revised upwards adapting to the increases envisaged by the contractual renewals. The novelty comes with an amendment to the maneuver approved in the Senate and destined to become law: the … Read more

Omicron Variant Nightmare: The Dragons Government launches new restrictions. Change everything (especially for the unvaccinated)

Omicron Variant Nightmare The Dragons Government launches new restrictions Change

Omicron covid variant nightmare, Italy returns to arm itself. Today the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Mario Draghi and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, approved a decree-law that introduces urgent measures for the containment of the COVID-19 epidemic and for the safe conduct of economic and social activities. Green Pass From … Read more

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