Officials take critical notes from nitrogen study – ‘Cabinet is cold for 24 hours and already has shit on the marble’ – Foodlog

Officials take critical notes from nitrogen study Cabinet is

This is evident from a large amount of information that has come out through a WOB request from Greenpeace. For example, there was originally a warning against the large-scale purchase of land around nature reserves, because the motivation for the purchase could be unsound. Then €5 billion will have been spent, but there is a … Read more

Global Bulletin: ZDF Enterprises Greenlights ‘Body of Water’ From ‘Cold Courage’ Scribe (EXCLUSIVE)

Global Bulletin ZDF Enterprises Greenlights ‘Body of Water From ‘Cold

Germany’s ZDF Enterprises, experts in crime and the production and sales outfit behind Nordic Noir original “The Bridge” and Swedish mega-hit crime thriller “Before We Die,”  is at it again. This time round, the commercial arm of German public broadcaster ZDF has greenlit “Body of Water,” an eight-part crime drama showrun and written by Brendan … Read more

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