Synopsis of Bond of Love: Rendi Questions Jessica’s Origin : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Love Bond tonight will be more exciting. Al and Andin’s household relationship is getting more and more intimate. Moreover, Andin again feels indebted to her husband, after being rescued from the captivity of Ikbal cs.

On the bed when they were about to sleep, the two of them looked serious chatting and both thanked each other. Moreover, Al is willing to be battered to save his wife from being held captive by Ikbal.

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Irvan’s Cruel Actions Will Be Revealed Tonight in the Bond of Love!

In the previous episode, Al was rescued by Angga from the siege of Ikbal cs. Unfortunately, Ikbal escaped and left all his men who were caught by the police.

While on the way, Ikbal got a call from Irvan Pratama. He looks very angry when he finds out that his men are desperate to kidnap Andin who is his nephew.

Ikbal dodged and said that he had to kidnap Andin because Aldebaran began to suspect Irvan of being the mastermind of the terror that befell his family. He also admitted that he had to kill Al because of his suspicions.

Hearing Ikbal’s words, Irvan asked his men to go far away and never come back. Because he was worried that Andin and the terror created by him would be known by Aldebaran.

Shortly after being released from Ikbal cs, Al also told Angga that Ikbal was the mastermind behind Andin’s kidnapping. Hearing this, Angga immediately said that Irvan was most likely in the scenario of Andin’s kidnapping.

At the same time, Rendi was shocked to hear this. Moreover, he was forbidden by Irvan to reveal his identity and also Jessica, especially to the Aldebaran family.

Later that night, Rendi was seen meeting with Irvan at a cafe. During the meeting, Rendi was heard asking about Jessica, who had worked as secretary to the late Hartawan Alfahri before Al’s father died.

Hearing this, Irvan was suddenly shocked. Meanwhile, Rendi is still waiting for an answer whether Jessica’s entry into the company choosing the Alfahri family is a scenario that was planned by Irvan from the start.

Will problems come back to Alfahri’s family? What answer will Irfan give to Rendi after hearing this question? Will Surya’s papa know that Elsa is now safe beside Ricky?

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Synopsis of Bond of Love: Rendi Questions Jessica’s Origin : Okezone Celebrity

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