Swine fever, after the wild boar died in Ovada two other suspected cases in Piedmont and Liguria

After the confirmed case in Ovada (Alessandria) on a dead boar, there are two other suspected cases of swine fever African. The Zooprophylactic Institute Piedmont Liguria and Valle d’Aosta (Izsplv) identified them, again on wild boars, in Fraconalto (Alessandria) e Isola del Cantone (Genoa) about twenty and forty kilometers away respectively. Confirmation of the diagnosis, expected by the beginning of next week, is up to the National Reference Center for swine fever (Cerep) of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and Marche. The Zooprophylactic Institute of Turin reiterates that swine fever is not transmissible to humans, but it is one of the most serious diseases that can affect animal husbandry and is highly transmissible among pigs. Without the necessary precautions, therefore, pig farms are considered to be at serious risk.

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African swine fever reappeared in Italy, in Ovada, in the province of Alessandria, where a dead wild boar carcass was found due to the variant of the virus that spread from the countries of the former Soviet bloc to half of Europe, including Germany. and it also went to China. The Piedmont Region has asked for a new national law for the containment of wildlife and the involvement of the European Union on the issue. “As requested on several occasions by the competent Ministries from Piedmont, together with all the other Regions, – say the President Alberto Cirio and the Councilor for Agriculture Marco Protopapa – it is necessary that the institutions in charge definitively take back law 157/92 in their hands. to adapt it to current needs with a radical reform of the wildlife law. With the current rules and the lack of personnel for the control, it is no longer able to counteract the phenomenon of proliferation of wild boars ».

African swine fever is not transmitted to humans but is often lethal to animals affected by it, it is highly transmissible and therefore puts pig farms and the pork trade itself at risk.. The virus can persist for years in frozen meat and is rendered inactive only by cooking and specific disinfectants. For this reason, the Department of Health of the Piedmont Region immediately triggered the “emergency procedures” to delimit the ‘infected area’ and the ‘surveillance area’. Pending the ministerial order that in the first days of next week will establish in detail the list of municipalities included in the area infected with African swine fever and the extraordinary measures to be implemented to limit the spread of the disease, after the case ascertained on a found wild boar died in Ovada, the Piedmont Region, through the ASL of Alessandria, has asked the mayors of the municipalities concerned to prohibit hunting for all species on their territory.

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Swine fever, after the wild boar died in Ovada two other suspected cases in Piedmont and Liguria

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