Sky, all the TV series to be released in January 2022

A new year begins, 2022, and the challenge begins again to the sound of TV series among the main streaming platforms. Sky continues to play the hybrid card of original productions, Sky original between local and international products. In January 2022 Christian debuts, a new series between crime and supernatural, Landscapers with Olivia Colman and relaunches with the new seasons of two already established products such as Euphoria and A discovery of witches.

All the TV series to be released on Sky Atlantic in January 2022

EUPHORIA Season 2 (starting January 10)

Created, written and directed by Sam Levinson, the second season Euphoria, the award-winning cult series featuring Emmy Award winner, Zendaya, returns in eight episodes. Among the young lives intertwined in the city of East Highland, California, 17-year-old Rue (Zendaya) struggles to find hope as she tries to resist the pressures of love, loss and addiction.


A thrilling and dramatically entertaining investigation into love and the power of the imagination starring Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman (The Crown) and David Thewlis (Fargo). Inspired by real events, the 4-episode miniseries tells a unique love story, that of a seemingly normal couple who end up at the center of an incredible investigation when two dead bodies are discovered in the garden behind a house in Nottingham. A kind-mannered couple, Susan (Colman) and Christopher Edwards (Thewlis) have been on the run for more than 15 years. When Christopher makes a shocking phone call to his adoptive mother, their role in a terrible crime that has been unspoken for more than 10 years begins to come to light. As the investigation proceeds, these two dreamers, inspired by Susan’s obsession with old westerns and classic cinema, imagine themselves as Hollywood protagonists of stories of their own making. Thus, fueled by Susan’s extraordinary imagination, Susan and Chris’s fantastic world becomes a necessary shelter for them from the horrors of the real world and their overwhelming sense of guilt.

CHRISTIAN (from January 28)

Supernatural – crime drama with the winner of the David di Donatello Edoardo Pesce protagonist of Christian, the henchman of a boss of the capital to whom stigmata suddenly appear with which he will begin to work miracles. A series in six episodes with Edoardo Pesce, Silvia D’Amico in the role of Rachele, a problematic girl close to Christian, Francesco Colella in the role of Tomei, the neighborhood veterinarian who rounds up by treating and sewing those who need it and can’t go in the hospital. Finally Claudio Santamaria who will play Matteo, a Vatican postulator obsessively looking for someone who has real thaumaturgical powers.

All the TV series to be released on Sky Serie in January 2022

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Season 3 (starting January 7)

Third season for gothic fantasy that tells of a world where witches, vampires and demons live alongside humans but hiding their true nature. Returning Teresa Palmer as a witch descended from one of the most powerful covenants in the world and the charming millennial vampire Matthew Clairmont played by Matthew Goode.

YOUNG ROCK (from 13 January)

Debuts the 11-episode sitcom about superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s formative years. An honest and passionate look at his growth and the path that led him to become one of the most influential celebrities in the world.

MR MAYOR (from January 20)

Neil Bremer (Ted Danson, The Good Place) is a wealthy businessman who runs for mayor of Los Angeles “for all the wrong reasons.” Once she wins the election, she’ll need to figure out what to fight for, earn the respect of her staff, and connect with her teenage daughter.

FANTASY ISLAND (from 24 January)

Already renewed for a second season, Fantasy Island is the sequel / reboot in ten episodes of the ABC classic Fantasy Island, a real cult between the 70s and 80s. This new series is also set in a luxury resort where every guest fantasy is realized, even if everything rarely goes as hoped. Each episode will tell exciting and provocative stories of people who arrive with dreams and wishes that they hope will be fulfilled and leave the island transformed by the magical reality of Fantasy Island.

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Sky, all the TV series to be released in January 2022

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