Sergio Mattarella, the last speech at the end of the year: “Italy will grow, fate depends on all of us”

Sergio Mattarella, soon the last end of year speech of the President of the Republic. Having reached the end of his seven-year term, the Head of State will give the last speech to the Italians from the Quirinale.

Mattarella: “Seven intense years, the Italians a real community”

«Dear fellow citizens and fellow citizens, I have always lived this traditional appointment with involvement and emotion. Today these feelings are heightened as my role as president will end in a few days. The wish I feel to address to you becomes more intense, I must also express my thanks to each of you for having shown the authentic face of Italy: hardworking, creative, supportive. Happy New Year to all of you and to our Italy. It has been seven intense years, from happy days to dramatic ones ”- the first words of Sergio Mattarella – «I perceived next to me the widespread aspiration of Italians to be a true community, with a sense of solidarity that precedes, and accompanies, the multiple differences of ideas and interests. We must remember, as an inestimable heritage of humanity, the self-denial of doctors, health workers, volunteers. Of those who worked to fight the virus. Of those who continued to carry out their duties despite the danger ».

Mattarella: “Vaccine is a precious tool, thanks to those on the front line”

The Head of State then added: «Thanks to all those Italians who got vaccinated. The vaccine is not a guarantee of invulnerability, it represents the defense that allows you to decisively reduce damage and risks, for oneself and for others. It has greatly reduced the danger of the disease, what would we have given, in the most dramatic days, to have the vaccine ?. Just think of how we spent the Christmas holidays last year, without considering that this precious instrument is not equally available in other parts of the world ». Sergio Mattarella he then spoke of the country’s recovery, recalling not only the tragedy of the pandemic: «We have found within ourselves the resources to react, to rebuild. This journey has begun. It will still be long and not without difficulties. But the country’s economic conditions have seen a recovery beyond the expectations and hopes of a year ago. We have experienced the threat of international Islamist terrorism which has also killed our compatriots abroad, floods, earthquakes. Even in the darkest moments, I never felt alone and tried to convey a feeling of trust and gratitude to those on the front line. To mayors and their communities. To the presidents of the Region, to those who have worked incessantly in the territories, alongside the people. The concrete face of a united, supportive Republic. It is patriotism concretely expressed in the life of the Republic ».

Mattarella: “Too many inequalities and precariousness”

«What I want to tell you is that I have worked, in all circumstances, to carry out my task in strict compliance with the constitutional provisions. The Constitution is the solid and vigorous foundation of national unity. Its principles and values ​​are “- he added Sergio Mattarella – «The pandemic season has added new ones to the old inequalities. A still too widespread precariousness is discouraging young people from building families and futures. The sharp decline in births is today one of the most worrying aspects of our society. To the new generations I feel I have to say: do not stop, do not be discouraged, take your future because only in this way will you give it to society “.

Mattarella quotes prof. Pietro Carmina: “Guys, you are the present”

The Head of State also mentions the speech to his students of Pietro Carmina, professor of history and philosophy who died in the tragedy of Ravanusa: «On retirement, he wrote: ‘Use the words I have taught you to defend yourselves and to defend those who do not have those words. Do not be spectators but protagonists of the history you live today. Get inside, get your hands dirty, bite your life, don’t adapt, commit yourself, never give up on pursuing your goals, even the most ambitious ones, put those who can’t make it on your shoulders. You are not the future, you are the present. Please: never be indifferent, don’t be afraid to take risks so as not to make mistakes… ‘. I make my own these words of exhortation so effective, which also show the dedication of our teachers to their educational task “.

Mattarella: “Governability has avoided dangerous leaps in the dark”

“I believe that each President of the Republic, at the time of his election, feels two basic needs: to strip himself of any previous belonging and to take charge exclusively of the general interest, of the common good as the good of each and every one. And then to safeguard the role, powers and prerogatives of the institution he receives from his predecessor and which – exercising them fully until the last day of his mandate – must pass on intact to his successor. It is not up to me to say if and how much he has managed to fulfill this duty »- he continued Sergio Mattarella – «What I want to tell you is that I have worked, in all circumstances, to carry out my task in strict compliance with the constitutional provisions. In this regard, also on this occasion, I feel I must express my gratitude for the loyal collaboration with the other institutions of the Republic. First of all with the Parliament, which expresses popular sovereignty. In the same way, I address a grateful thought to the Presidents of the Council and to the Governments that have followed one another in recent years. The governability that the institutions have helped to achieve has allowed the country, especially in some particularly difficult and demanding passages, to avoid dangerous leaps in the dark ».

Mattarella: “The fate of Italy depends on all of us”

«Ecological and digital transitions are unavoidable necessities, and they can also become an opportunity to improve our social model. Italy has the necessary resources to face the challenges of the new times. We are ready to welcome the new year, and it is a time of hope. We look ahead, knowing that the fate of Italy also depends on each of us. Many times we have talked about a new season of duties. Many times we have emphasized that difficulties can only be overcome if everyone agrees to do their part to the end “- explained Sergio Mattarella -” If I look at the path we have made together in these seven years, I have confidence. Italy will grow. And it will do so the more it becomes aware of the common destiny of our people, and of the peoples of Europe ”.

Mattarella: “Thanks to Pope Francis for his love for Italy”

«I wish to extend an affectionate greeting and sincere thanks to Pope francesco for the strength of his teaching, and for the love he expresses for Italy and Europe, underlining how this continent can play an important role in peace, balance and defense of human rights in the changing world “. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella in the traditional end of year message.

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Sergio Mattarella, the last speech at the end of the year: “Italy will grow, fate depends on all of us”

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