Sebastian Stan refreshes the action tapes

For the actor Sebastian Stan the action on the tapes is not an unknown or foreign ingredient to him. His experience on tapes like The Martian de Ridley Scott or characters like Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in the movies of the universe of Marvel They have given you a clear insight into what action movies are all about.

For that same reason Stan felt like a fish in water giving life to Nick Fowler in Agents 355, the new film by Simon Kinberg, which seeks to give a new air to action films.

The movie is a cool and unpredictable ride for this type of genre, because we’ve seen action movies where you quickly know how it’s going to end or characters you’ve already seen. Our movie offers something else different for this genre that has not been seen before.

I genuinely hope people will go to see it, it’s fun and cool for the action genre and has great character development, there are several twists that will grab attention and keep whoever sees it entertained, I think that’s why I hope people will go to see her at the movies ”, Stan explained in an interview with the distributor.

It was his passage through the movies of the universe Marvel and the experience with Scott, which led Stan to see that taste and love for films flourish, which they demand not only in the acting part but also in physics to bring the characters to life.

Definitely the seeds of my involvement with this movie were planted in The Martian, I had an excellent experience in that movie and got to meet Jessica (Chastain) and work with her. I was always a huge fan of his work, and Simon’s, I grew up with his movies. Jessica called me saying that she had a movie that she was very excited about and that there was a role that she wanted me to review.

This was early 2019, then I went to Carlisle where Simon Kinberg was staying and we had lunch together. I read the script and it was like “this is an amazing opportunity to work with some of my favorite actors of all time, how do we make it happen?” So we talked about the character and one thing led to another, “he added.

Agents 355 is an action-packed thriller directed by Simon Kinberg (Dark Phoenix) and starring Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain; the winner of the statuette, Lupita Nyong’o; the Oscar winner, Penélope Cruz; Diane Kruger (In the Fade), Bingbing Fan (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Edgar Ramírez (The Girl on the Train), as well as Sebastian Stan.

It is good when the director is also a writer because he understands the script, they are close; For me, Simon Kinberg wrote the film with the intention of finding very specific actors and staying flexible to the ideas that those actors might have. It felt like he was giving us that power so that later he could see if that was the most realistic way to do it. There were ongoing talks before and during filming, about adjusting scenes appropriately as each person is different and has different processes.

I think Simon’s process, from what I’ve witnessed, is one of the most flexible and fluid where the story and the characters want to go. It takes a lot of confidence, and obviously the ability to be flexible as a writer and director, because many times you can be locked into what you see. There are also great artists behind it, that’s how it works, and you have to respect that. But, from Simon’s point of view, he was very welcoming always saying ‘ok, now we are here, what do you have to contribute?’ So, like this, it felt like a back and forth ”, he pointed out.

Agents 355 It will arrive tomorrow at the film complexes of the country with the idea of ​​taking the viewer through an adventure over two hours.

I know there is a lot of fear about what is happening. That we are constantly struggling with being safe out there, but I think what I missed the most about the movies is the ability to put down your phone and be locked in on a two-hour trip. If they dare and can get off the phone for five minutes when a movie starts, they’ll be on a journey to the end and I hope people like that, “concluded Stan.

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Sebastian Stan refreshes the action tapes

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