School, the hypothesis of the Regions: with two positives in the classroom, quarantine only for no vax students

New Year, new rules for the school. Italy is preparing to go back to school and the Regions, in fact, are asking the government to guarantee face-to-face teaching with new rules on the subject of forty. The back to school for Italian pupils it could be accompanied by new prevention rules al Covid-19. The children and young people will return to school from 7 to 10 January and the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, underlines that the intention is to “protect face-to-face teaching».

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L’hypothesis more accredited is that by January 5th the Council of Ministers approves new rules on the subject of quarantine for elementary and sixth grade schools, in the wake of those already in force for higher grade classes, as requested by the government Regions. The rules will mainly focus on when and how a class should close after finding a coronavirus positivity. The fear is that, at a time marked by a sharp increase in infections, too many students will return to distance learning. And, therefore, we are working on a lightening of those rules with which parents and students had learned to live with for a few months.

As regards the preschools, attended by children who are not vaccinated for the moment, would not change anything compared to the rules already in force. With a case of positivity to coronavirus: take the quarantine for all.

Conversely, with a positive, alle elementary we try to prevent this from happening. The governors of the regions ask to provide for all pupils ten days from autosorveglianza.

In case the positive students, in elementary and sixth grade, they were two in the same class, the rules would be different for i vaccinated kids e those who are not. The idea is to provide a five-day self-monitoring period, with a swab at ten days, for those immunized or recovered from Covid-19 for no more than three months. THE not vaccinated they would enter instead in quarantine for ten days, resulting in distance learning activities.

Should the number of contagion in a classroom dirty to be, would be the Competent local health authority by territory to evaluate measures such as the suspension of lessons in attendance for all students.

the requests from governors the next one should join the Council of Ministers January 5th. The president of the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, after having met the Ministers of Education and Health on Friday 31 December, Patrizio Bianchi and Roberto Speranza, he said that these are hypotheses of intervention that “we want to deepen and share with the executive to allow a resumption of the school year in attendance”.

One thing that is already certain is that when they return to the classroom they will come distributed Ffp2 masks to the staff of kindergartens and other institutions attended by pupils exempted from the obligation to wear masks.

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School, the hypothesis of the Regions: with two positives in the classroom, quarantine only for no vax students

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