School, the Government insists on returning to class. Son: “More testing and tracking”

On the school the Government pulls straight and insists on returning to class as scheduled. Despite the Regions have asked to postpone the return to school, the commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo sent a circular to the principals asking for more tests and tracking in the school environment, with “greater active involvement of free choice pediatricians and general practitioners”.

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Emiliano: “Unwavering government, vain requests from the Regions”

“The Regions have asked in vain for the postponement of the resumption of lessons in the presence, but the Government has been adamant” – explained Michele Emiliano, president of the Puglia Region – “I cannot intervene with a regional ordinance, because according to Decree Law 111 of last August 6 it is possible to take such measures only in the red zone ».

Zaia: “So we won’t hold up”

The president of Veneto Luca Zaia is not looking for a clash with the government, but hopes for a rethink about the reopening of schools. “If the conditions for opening remain these – he declares to La Repubblica -, without hypocrisy: we are unable to hold up”. The governor is to postpone the return to the classroom, otherwise “the result will be that from Monday we will have a lot of classes in Dad, reduced hours, we will drag on for a week and then we will probably have to intervene.” “A delay of 15 days – continues Zaia – does not mean losing the championship”. This is why the governor has decided to make “a last appeal to the premier”. “I’m not looking for a fight,” he said as he asked to hear the opinion of science. “Let’s avoid going in no particular order, but the scientific community must decide”, is his exhortation. Specifically, Zaia asks that “the Scientific Technical Committee expresses itself, it cannot fail to do so at the request of the Regions,” he says.

School chaos and more

The appeals of the Regions to the Government to rethink the return to class continue to multiply. Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Campania Region, explained that he had ordered the use of Dad for middle, elementary and infant schools until January 29 for “circumstances of exceptional and extraordinary necessity”. The government is trying to stop the Campania ‘governor’ from escaping forward with an appeal, while the TAR has asked the Region to present further documents.
Sicily, meanwhile, is postponing the return to school for three days and Trentino has announced that it will not apply the new rules on quarantine at school and on the Super green pass for transport.

School, the alarm of the principals

The exponential increase in infections risks decimating school staff. According to a first estimate by the National Association of principals, from tomorrow 100 thousand employees could be missing due to Covid, for a total of about 10% of the sector. “Already in these hours the number of positive students has reached figures that make it impossible to implement the procedures envisaged,” explained Antonello Giannelli, president of the PNA.

The new rules for the school

Under the new rules on school access, quarantines and screening, principals will be authorized to check the vaccination situation of students, without this leading to an invasion of privacy. In the guidelines of the Miur it is specified that, for middle and high schools, with at least two positives in the classroom, students must demonstrate the requirements to attend classes face to face.

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School, the Government insists on returning to class. Son: “More testing and tracking”

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