Sales, the season starts tomorrow. The calendar region by region

Sales 2022, here we are. Sicily and Basilicata will be the first to kick off the discounts for the winter season tomorrow, on 3 January it will therefore be the turn of the Aosta Valley while all the other Regions will start on Wednesday 5 January. At the test of Omicron the first major commercial event of the year, starting right in the slowdown phase generated by the new wave of infections.

Four out of ten Italians (39%) have already planned to take advantage of the sales to purchase one or more products, for an average budget of 150 euros per person. This is what emerges from the forecast survey on balances conducted by Confesercenti on a sample of consumers.

Unfortunately, observes Confesercenti, these are numbers still far from the pre-crisis ones: on the occasion of the winter sales of January 2020, 48% of Italians said they were interested in the event. The result weighs the shadow of omicron and the negative impact it is having on the confidence of families. But the competition to the sales event by bulimia of pre-Christmas and Christmas promotions to which consumers have been subjected also affects, starting precisely from a particularly ‘close’ Black Friday, less than a month before Christmas. On the other hand, the impulse buying trend is strengthening: compared to 2020, the share of consumers who will decide whether to buy products on sale at the moment, based on offers, increases from 41 to 46%.

The average of 170 euros hides an average expense strongly polarized: 47% will buy for less than 100 euros, while 43% will spend between 100 and 300. Only 6% have foreseen an expense between 300 and 500 euros, while 4% more than 500 euros.

Where to buy. Despite the growing competition from the web, sales remain an event linked above all to physical stores: 31% of sales purchases will in fact take place in a large chain or branded stores, closely followed by independent stores, which 26% of the clients. Finally, 22% will choose an outlet, while 23%, on the other hand, will look for the discounted deal on the web, over 5% more than last year and 8% compared to the pre-pandemic period.

What do you buy. This year, at the top of the desires of Italians there are shoes: this is the expected expense of 47% of those who have already decided to buy. This is followed by knitwear products (45%), outerwear (27%), shirts (26%), t-shirts and underwear (both 22%). But there is also 15% looking for bags and 12% for other accessories.

The calendar

ABRUZZO 05.01.2022 for 60 days

BASILICATA 02.01.2022 – 02.03.2022

CALABRIA 05.01.2022 – 06.03.2022

CAMPANIA 05.01.2022 – 01.03.2022

EMILIA ROMAGNA 05.01.2022 for 60 days

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA 05.01.2022 – 31.03.2022

LAZIO 05.01.2022 for 6 sets.

LIGURIA 05.01.2022 – 18.02.2022 (45 gg.)

LOMBARDY 05.01.2022 – 05.03.2022 (60 gg.)

MARKET 05.01.2022 – 01.03.2022

MOLISE 05.01.2022 for 60 days

PIEDMONT 05.01.2022 for 8 sets.

PUGLIA 05.01.2022 – 28.02.2022

SARDINIA 05.01.2022 for 60 days

SICILY 02.01.2022 – 15.03.2022

TUSCANY 05.01.2022 for 60 days

UMBRIA 05.01.2022 for 60 days

VALLE D’AOSTA 03.01.2022 for 60 days

VENETO 05.01.2022 – 28.02.2022

TRENTO Trento and the Province for 60 days. Traders freely decide the periods

SOUTH TYROL 08.01.2022 – 05.02.2022 in most of the municipalities of the districts of Bolzano, Oltradige and Bassa Atesina, Merano and Burgraviato, Valle Isarco and Alta Valle Isarco, Val Pusteria and Val Venosta; 05.03 -02.04.2022 for Marebbe, San Martino in Badia, La Valle, Badia, Corvara; 05.03 – 02.04.2022 in Tires, Castelrotto, Renon, Ortisei, Santa Cristina, Selva Gardena, Marebbe, San Martino in Badia, La Valle, Badia, Corvara, Stelvio, Maso Corto, Resia, San Valentino alla Muta.

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Sales, the season starts tomorrow. The calendar region by region

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