Sales in Rome, the councilor Monica Lucarelli: “They need to be changed, we put on the Net the excellence of the capital”

After two years of pandemic, there are many businesses in crisis in Rome: in 2021 alone, about 5,500 shops closed. Yet, with the holiday season, there was a small recovery.

Monica Lucarelli, councilor for productive activities of the Municipality: will the balances confirm the recovery for the shops?
«We all hope so. But today’s sales are no longer what they were 10 years ago. They must be almost completely rethought, together with the trade associations: once they were end-of-season discounts and also distant – as dates – from Christmas purchases. Today they start before Epiphany and come after other promotions, such as black friday. The approach to purchasing is changing, even with online commerce: it is a reality and we have to deal with it “.

Roma Ztl, between shopkeepers and the Campidoglio is a constant battle

«Thinking of an e-commerce that can enhance Roman excellence: a tourist who buys in a historic Roman shop or in a tailor’s shop, once back home may want to buy back the same product, through e-commerce. We have to create differentiated sales channels ».

How is such a system implemented?
«We work on a mapping for economic development to focus on excellence, from craftsmanship to tailoring and haute couture to the association of historic shops, including the agri-food and wine sectors. Suffice it to say that the famous Frascati wine is largely produced in the Roman territory. It would be useful to use e-commerce also for historical shops ».

Is the market recovering?
«Estimates speak of 50% more sales than last year. Especially for clothing and nutrition. We are still far from the precovid levels but it is a step forward compared to Christmas 2020 ».

The shops of the Center ask for the suspension of the Ztl …
“It is not up to me to decide but, considering the crowded streets due to the resumption of purchases, I do not think that the Ztl has penalized the trade: we have implemented discounts for taxis and a greater number of public transport rides”.

How can Rome “turn around”?
«By focusing on the quality of services and urban decor: the center of Rome must go back to being a living room. We will talk about it with the trade associations of the historical streets ».

CONFCOMMERCIO AND CONFESERCENTI AGAINST CAMPIDOGLIO. Suspend or at least reduce the hours of the Ztl, to facilitate access to the historic center for those who want to take a walk and buy in the shops taking advantage of the sales. The request, brought forward by Confcommercio and directed to the mayor Gualtieri, is to suspend the Ztl on Thursday 6, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 January: “We have repeatedly represented our position on the current regulation of the Ztl, at this particular moment pandemic and consequent widespread fear on the part of citizens to use public transport. The latest Capitoline resolution, valid until 9 January, has further aggravated the situation, with the activation of the gates even on some holidays and on Sundays ».
Suspending it in the first few days of sales, according to the merchants’ requests, could favor sales. Fiepet Confesercenti is also of the same opinion, asking to reduce the hours, at least until 16. But from the Capitol there is, at the moment, an opening in this sense: the Ztl will remain active.

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Sales in Rome, the councilor Monica Lucarelli: “They need to be changed, we put on the Net the excellence of the capital”

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