Rome, the Roma Tre study: with Covid, more bullies among young people and less commitment to studying

The pandemic and Covid? They are generating a student disaffection towards school and study. This was confirmed by a research conducted by the Roma Tre University on a sample of five lower secondary schools. Research focuses on “What is educational poverty” according to the girls and boys involved in the project #Liberailfuturo? For many of them it would be expressed mainly in episodes of racism and bullying, lack of friendships, isolation and non-compliance with the rules. Furthermore, for many girls and many boys, this poverty affects above all the formation of personality because, they argue, experiencing dislikes and exclusions is due to factors of an individual character that negatively affect the formation of a structured personality, capable of transforming the situation of malaise in a condition of change towards a more positive life experience. The Roma Tre University outlines the opinions of female students and students on the issue of educational poverty through the responses to a questionnaire administered to a sample of 1,710 students from five lower secondary schools in Rome: IC Trionfale, IC Milanesi, IC Volumnia, IC Rodari, IC Nino Rota.

The survey was carried out as part of the #LiberailFuturo project, managed by the Arciragazzi Committee of Rome, created with many other networked teams and financed by Con i Bambini Impresa Sociale, which provides for the creation of experiential workshops with the psychological supervision of tutors. How, according to the boys, it is possible to counter educational poverty? The solution, the interviewees argued, does not lie in the subjects of study, but in innovative methodologies capable of affecting behavior and the human and relational dimension. The answers refer to the value of friendship, the need to create a peaceful and non-quarrelsome environment, the importance of respect. Furthermore, for students, it is above all the most representative figures of the school, the most authoritative, who should address school problems as problems linked to educational poverty by intervening at a structural / organizational level.

The research also showed that, due to the pandemic, the phenomenon of educational poverty has worsened recording a growth in disaffection from studying and failures, a regression in studying and a lack of support from the institutions. In light of the profound changes and new needs caused by the pandemic, the initiatives promoted within the project have been reshaped for a
optimal achievement of the expected objectives.

“The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent adaptation of the lifestyle of girls and boys to the measures for its containment are influencing their life choices and risk accentuating existing social inequalities. Past economic and educational poverty is now combined with the poverty produced by the health crisis ”, says Anna Maria Berardi, President of the Arciragazzi Committee of Rome OdV.

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Rome, the Roma Tre study: with Covid, more bullies among young people and less commitment to studying

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