Rita Dalla Chiesa and the separation with Fabrizio Frizzi: “Signorini tried to protect me, then the proposal to join the Gf Vip”

After a love was over, a beautiful friendship was born. For Rita Dalla Chiesa separation with Fabrizio Frizzi it was not just pain and suffering, but a precious opportunity to strengthen his relationship with Alfonso Signorini, which in 2006 was very close to her. To tell it is the same former host of Forum, who in a recent interview with Bubinoblog he confessed how difficult it was to be at the center of gossip after the end of his marriage with Fabrizio Frizzi.

The friendship between Rita Dalla Chiesa and Alfonso Signorini

“Signorini and I are very friends, I love him very much and I am grateful to him for so many things,” she declared Rita Dalla Chiesa, who has not forgotten as the conductor of the GF VIP he tried in every way to protect her. «He helped me during the period of separation from Fabrizio. He knew that some covers would come out that would hurt me and he always tried to limit this evil. “

Alfonso Signorini’s proposal for the Gf Vip

“I remember that Alfonso also came twice from Milan to Rome to stay with me, so these are things you never forget and that’s why the affection will never end for him”, he added. Rita Dalla Chiesa about the friend. Before confessing how later it was Alfonso Signorini himself who proposed her to participate in the Big Brother Vip. “I should have gone in after Countess Patrizia De Blanck had left. He was very nice that evening », but this was not enough to convince her to leave her life for a few months to enter the reality show. «I must say that when she called me that evening to offer me to enter Big Brother, my daughter was going through a very hard and difficult time. She had lost her husband and I wanted to be close to her and my nephew, and then I had another great pain in the family. I could not have stayed without hearing my brother even in the middle of the night to find out how my sister-in-law was ».

The precedent of the Island of the Famous

That for Big Brother Vip was not the only proposal to participate. In 2016 she had already been offered to enter the Isola dei Famosi, when Simona Ventura was also in the cast. “I remember they phoned me while I was walking with Pedro, I looked at him and said: ‘No love, I won’t leave you'”. In reality, as confessed by the commentator herself, «I prefer to watch reality TV than to do it. I wouldn’t have felt like going so far from home, leaving behind my world and all the people who might need me at that moment. “

With hindsight, “maybe Big Brother could have done it”, Rita Dalla Chiesa finally got unbalanced. «In the end, a lady of a certain age can have her own room and keep some habits but above all the GF VIP it allows you to have contact with the young people of the house, to chat, to discover other worlds. A bit like Katia Ricciarelli is doing. Maybe I could have done it but, I repeat, it was a difficult moment in my life and I had to give up and say no ». Who knows if the seventh edition of the program will see our Rita Dalla Chiesa as protagonist.

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Rita Dalla Chiesa and the separation with Fabrizio Frizzi: “Signorini tried to protect me, then the proposal to join the Gf Vip”

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