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Before seeing it, and only taking its trailer as a base, the easiest way to discard a proposal like the one in Booksmart, translated in Chile as “The Night of the Nerds“is calling her a female version of Superbad. But the movie is not just that. It’s so much more, courtesy of the way he puts the spotlight on his female friendship relationship.

It could also be established that his proposal is predictable and does not come out of a mold already seen ad nauseam in other crazy night movies, including his own. Superbard. However, its great grace lies in the fact that this film directed by Olivia Wilde puts on the table interesting themes that do not lose the focus of its characters.

And yes, other than that someone could pigeonhole it as a movie that sees a generation of adolescents from an adult perspective, which leads to it falling into trite situations, or lacking a character as good as McLovin, to continue in the comparison direct that will always be done, but much more true is the fact that Booksmart break prejudices. All existing ones.

These elements make this a film that comes out of the usual canon of similar stories where sex is the ultimate prize. Although hormones are obviously present, since this production never denies its adolescent vocation, its story is smart enough to put its main characters in the blender, squeeze them and try to find the pulp of their motivations. When comedy does that, it is way above the rest.

With two good main performances, by the duo made up of Kaitlyn Dever (Justified) y Beanie Feldstein (Good Neighbors 2, Lady Bird), the story of Booksmart introduces us to Amy and Molly, two great friends who are considered the geeks of the class and who face the end of their school year before reaching university.

Their problems begin once Molly, who is the president of the student body, knows from the first source that some of her weaker colleagues also arrived at important houses of study or will be hired by large companies. Anger corrodes her, since she always considered them donkeys under her level.

Hence, the idea that studying so much, without having enjoyed it, becomes the dilemma that begins to mark his last night before the graduation ceremony. In his vision, they missed the fun and are not willing to say goodbye without having been to a party. And they will enjoy the way the joints have. Or at least that’s what they want in the first place.

Given this basic scheme, obviously the problems arise that prevent them from reaching their goal just like that, but the conflicts of their own friendship relationship also begin to arise and that is where the strength of their proposal lies. Not only in terms of sexual preferences of both, one is attracted to a fool and the other likes a classmate, but also in the intimacy of a relationship where “everything is told to the other.” That is its plus.

In the long run, it should also be noted that Bookmart She has a diverse look that elevates her, not only because her cast has teenagers of multiple races, but because it doesn’t feel like a calculated smack. Its value is in what its characters are and how they interact with each other, especially when they realize their mistakes with respect to the rest and their own obstacles. I mean, the exterior is just the cover of the book and that is something that perfectly applies to the movie itself.

Booksmart hit theaters last Thursday.

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Review | Booksmart, much more than a Superbad with female protagonists – La Tercera

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