Pope Francis to the (traditional) families of the world: “The family is the fundamental cell of society”

“Remember that the family is the fundamental cell of society.” The pandemic has strained too many families around the world, the rates of violence against women, as well as the global surge in divorces have increased, yet the family points out. Pope francesco in a letter addressed to everyone fathers and mothers, on the occasion of the feast of the Family of Nazareth, remains the hinge on which to base community relations.

Pope Francis makes no mention of families arcobaleno but it focuses on the traditional nuclei formed by a man and a woman, according to the line of the magisterium. He stresses that “families have the challenge of building bridges between generations to transmit the values ​​that build humanity. There is a need for a new creativity to express in the current challenges the values ​​that constitute us as a people in our societies and in the Church, the People of God ”.

The letter of Pope Francis

“I have always kept families in mind in my prayers, but even more so during the pandemic, which has put everyone to the test, especially the most vulnerable.” The Pope writes highlighting the difficulties that can arise in the course of a marriage.

“The different situations in life – the passing of days, the arrival of children, work, illnesses – are circumstances in which the mutual commitment assumes that each one abandons one’s inertia, one’s certainties, the spaces of tranquility and go to the land that God promises: to be two in Christ, two in one. A single life, an “we” in the communion of love with Jesus, alive and present in every moment of your existence. God accompanies you, loves you unconditionally. You are not alone! Dear spouses, know that your children – and especially the younger ones – observe you carefully and seek in you the testimony of a strong and reliable love ”.

And again: «Fatherhood and motherhood call you to be generative in order to give your children the joy of discovering themselves as children of God, children of a Father who has loved them tenderly from the first moment and takes them by the hand every day. This discovery can give your children faith and the ability to trust in God. ”

Sometimes marriage is like a boat in a storm. «The vocation to marriage is a call to steer an unstable boat – but safe for the reality of the sacrament – in a sea that is sometimes rough. (…) Keep in your heart the advice I gave to the spouses with the three words: permission, thank you, sorry. And when a conflict arises, never end the day without making peace. »Do not be ashamed to kneel together before Jesus in the Eucharist to find moments of peace and a mutual gaze made of tenderness and goodness. Or to take the hand of the other, when he is a little angry, to make him smile “.

Finally, a recommendation: «Do not forget that forgiveness heals every wound. Forgiving one another is the result of an interior decision that matures in prayer, in relationship with God, it is a gift that flows from the grace with which Christ fills the couple when he is allowed to act, when one turns to him “.

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Pope Francis to the (traditional) families of the world: “The family is the fundamental cell of society”

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