Pierpaolo, 29, is discharged from the emergency room, goes to work and dies: shock in Salerno

Access to the emergency room with strange but not particularly worrying symptoms, reassurance on health conditions, return to work and then death. Sudden and relentless, even more so if you think that the protagonist of this tragedy that breaks what is left of the magic of Christmas is only 29 years old. Pierpaolo Barbato he passed away shortly before the stroke of midnight on Tuesday 20 December. He was staying at the hotel on the southern coast of the Salerno urban area that he managed with his brother when he fell ill. His girlfriend was in the room with him: at first it seems like an epileptic seizure then the 29-year-old doesn’t come back. The girl, in the grip of anxiety and desperation, alerts 118. The rescuers arrive in a matter of minutes but Pierpaolo has already passed on the other side. It is the beginning of the worst nightmare for the young man’s family, which is also very well known in the city. Papa Pellegrino, better known as Nino, is a well-known accountant and was in the past president of the municipalized Salerno Pulita, his aunt Annamaria is the historic manager of the general affairs sector of the Municipality of Salerno.

The young man’s body remained, watched over by friends and family, in a hotel room he managed until 6.00 pm last night when the judicial police went to the facility and carried out the seizure determined by the complaint presented by the young man’s family . Pierpaolo was transported to the mortuary of the San Leonardo hospital where he will remain until the day of the autopsy which, presumably, according to the first information filtering from environments close to the family, could not be carried out before next December 27 due to the concomitance of the holiday season. The family filed a complaint because they want to clarify whether this tragedy could have been avoided. According to the first information circulated about this terrible epilogue, Pierpaolo would have presented himself to the emergency room of the Salerno hospital on Tuesday. Family and friends report that he complained of stomach and head pain, accompanied by dysentery. Symptoms, according to some of them, compatible with a heart attack. Some investigations would have been made to Ruggi, including the analysis of enzymes that are generally monitored when a heart attack is suspected. Tests that, again according to the reconstructions provided so far, would not have returned any worrying results. For Pierpaolo, hospitalization would not have been deemed necessary and he was discharged. So he went to work where, before midnight, he felt ill and died.

The parents of the 29-year-old, having learned all this information, decided to file a complaint asking for both the seizure of the medical record and that of the body. An autopsy exam, they hope, will give the answers that they cannot find in these hours of terrible and inconsolable pain. Could Pierpaolo be saved? Are there any details that have been overlooked? Was his death avoidable? All these questions will be answered only by the evidence that will come out of the autopsy that will be carried out immediately after Christmas. At the moment no assignment has been conferred, nor have any hypotheses of crime been formulated because the investigation is in its very early stages. In addition to the seizures already carried out, the investigators will also have to collect documents and testimonies useful to clarify what happened. Pierpaolo was a healthy and healthy boy, in the last few days he had not been very well but in the hospital he had been reassured: he was fine and could return to his life. Pierpaolo complied but in the end he didn’t make it. Pain runs fast in the city: anger and dismay are the feelings that in these hours family, friends and acquaintances are showing through the numerous messages of condolence addressed to the young man and his family.

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Pierpaolo, 29, is discharged from the emergency room, goes to work and dies: shock in Salerno

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