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YEAR 2022 is a breath of fresh air for the Indonesian film industry. Even at the beginning of the year, there was already one Indonesian movie full of meaning and entertain the audience, namely First, Second & Third Love

The trend of the Indonesian film industry is certainly different from before. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic storm is still hitting, filmmakers have dared to collaborate to make the best films.

Famous producers and directors collaborate to revive the Indonesian film industry. They not only rack their brains to make cool and interesting films, but also invite people to watch movies in theaters.

Says Starvision Producer Chand Parwez. He saw that there were five things that made the Film Industry start to rise in 2022, let’s see!

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Movie awakening, hope and passion

Chand Parwez assesses that in 2022 people need to watch films that can warm the heart, evoke a sense of optimism, hope and enthusiasm to start life with new habits.

“2022 is full of hope, if we cannot rise up in 2022 we will face new issues, not a pandemic, but the issue of poverty. We must continue to move to make films that make us optimistic, reflect on ourselves,” he said when contacted Okayzone, Monday (3/1/2022).

Movies about family are on the rise

During a pandemic, you will certainly spend more time with your family. You draw closer to your family on various occasions to become an inspiration for film actors.

In fact, according to Chand Parwez, the drama genre that tends to touch on family life will boom. Yes, her stories are always inspiring and touching.

“In 2022, many films depict an expectation that tends to be family. The genres are different, there are comedy, thriller and the like.

Inviting the public back to the cinema

Chand Parwez believes that slowly the film and cinema industry is starting to come alive. It’s not 100 percent yet, but only about 40 percent, in the future it will recover.

“We are proceeding in that direction and this condition is running, so we release the best films to bring people back to the cinema,” he said.

One thing that should be known, said Chand Parwez, the entire audiovisual film industry is built by cinema. Because it can create a movie going habit that makes people watch it at the cinema.

“Cinema provides a different experience, we watch together, a cinematic experience, we connect with other audiences and this is a different experience than watching TV or on OTT,” he explained.

He was also worried that if the cinema could not be crowded again, in the long term the habit of watching would become dim or it could be extinguished.

Invites interaction with movie players

People now don’t just watch movies, but are also invited to go to the cinema in 2022 to revive the film and cinema industry.

“Our hope is that we watch it with people we love, cinemas feel the togetherness of quality time, then the film is very reflexive to build warmth, our immunity,”

Not infrequently, when the release of a film also presents many actresses and film actors. “We have started screening to meet and great, but according to the process,” he said.

Join the prestigious film festival

Chand Parwez also said that in 2022 there will be many film titles that are swinging on the international scene. The reason is that film creatives are very creative and serious when working on a film.

“Certainly, if you work seriously, your creativity will increase. In 2021 you will get many international awards. Then in 2022 you will also get international and Indonesian awards,” he concluded.

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Periscope 2022: Resurrection, Spirit, and Hope of the Film Industry in 2022 : Okezone Celebrity

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