Paul Fox Christmas and Boxing Day horoscope: forecasts and favorite signs of the stars

L’horoscope from Paolo Fox for the weekend of 25-26 December. The astrologer, a well-known face on television, shares his predictions for all 12 zodiac signs over the Christmas weekend with fans. The stars and planets indicate opportunities at work in feelings, but as Fox always says “Don’t believe but verify”.

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Aries. It will be 48 hours quite pleasant, however try to bet everything on Saturday because from Sunday the Moon will become the opposite and you may have to deal with a bit of tiredness or nervousness.

Toro. A promising weekend with the Moon in an excellent position that manages to fill you with vitality and desire to love. You will find the desire for redemption, especially at work, especially if some of you have had a little tug of war.

Twins. Try to be careful tomorrow, the dissonant Moon could cause impatience. From Sunday, however, the good mood returns. Try to stay calm in the family.

Cancer. The weekend promises to be quiet overall, even if it won’t blow away the ups and downs. Those born of the sign are going through a delicate moment, they have fears regarding money and the need to recover their trust in love.

Leone. Saturday and Sunday will be two particularly stimulating days. Christmas will hold some beautiful surprises from an emotional point of view. If you need to clarify, take advantage of Sunday. New projects in sight for next year.

Virgin. The weekend will be truly splendid. On Saturday the Moon will be in your sign and will remain there until Sunday afternoon. This will give vitality, the desire to be in the midst of and perhaps even some small moments of luck.

Balance. There will be two days in which you will be called to reflection. Some will even feel alone, it is the effect of the Sun, Mercury and Venus still in quadrature. On Sunday afternoon the Moon will enter the sign however and will give a little more energy.

Scorpio. On Saturday and Sunday the Moon, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be in a favorable aspect. It promises to be a truly memorable weekend where you can enjoy love and a newfound energy. Some may take some small revenge.

Sagittario. Saturday will be a strange day, small problems may arise but try not to be too upset. On Sunday you have to keep your nerve.

Capricorn. As foreseen by the weekend horoscope, two fantastic days await you with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign, the Moon in a favorable aspect. It will be easy to experience a little more gratification. Intriguing hours for love, new encounters and acquaintances.

Fish tank. They will be useful days to regain the physical strength that you have lacked in the last few days. Take the opportunity to regain lost energy and detach your brain from the difficulties you have gone through.

Fish. It will be a bit of a nervous weekend. The Moon in opposition could bring some little tension too, try to stay calm. Couples who love each other can make big plans. Those who are separated will have to make up their own minds.

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Paul Fox Christmas and Boxing Day horoscope: forecasts and favorite signs of the stars

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