Paolo Fox’s horoscope of 2022: the forecasts for the new year, sign by sign

Horoscope from Paolo Fox, forecasts for the new year. Paolo Fox inside the “Your Facts“On RaiDue gave viewers thehoroscope sign by sign for 2022. Many signs of recovery for the coming year when compared with last year, with Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn ahead.

ARIES – A sign to celebrate. Some projects have actually already started, but from May 24 to October 28 there will be the favorable entrance of Jupiter. Important month for love May and between May and June good news for work. It starts low, but then the situation improves.

BALANCE – It starts with some doubts in love, but then gradually recovers. For love in March there is an excellent position of Venus, but June and July are also favorable months. As for the job, resolve issues before April

TORO – Changes in work thanks to Uranus, for some time in the sign. The changes can arrive for specific request or on proposal. July is an important month for love relationships, to always keep an eye on the expenses.

TWINS – We start with a Jupiter in a somewhat particular position, which becomes favorable between May and October. April is an excellent month for feelings and for work. After June 23, great news could come.

CANCER – Those born under this sign close the year with strong perplexity, with some misunderstandings at a sentimental and working level, but from April things will improve. Don’t make any legal missteps and as far as luck is concerned, Venus has been in a great position since July 5th.

LEONE – A particular year that starts a little subdued. Before May, pay attention on a sentimental and professional level. In 2021 you fought against an opposite Saturn and you won, now is the time to earn also from the economic point of view

VIRGIN – At the beginning of the year you will be capricious with opposite Jupiter, but from May you will make things clear. Some have overlooked love last year, which instead in 20221 has excellent prospects from February. Another important month is June, favorable for those who want to get married or live together. Do not open disputes or labor disputes between January and February.

BALANCE – We start with some doubts in love, but we recover in March with the excellent position of Venus. The situation also continues during the months of May, June and July. For the job, you have to move before April, that is, when Jupiter enters the sign.

SCORPIO – It will be a year of favor, given above all by Jupiter. Excellent year from a sentimental point of view, except for June, and also from a working point of view starting from July, a period of great satisfaction.

SAGITTARIO – It starts low, it takes a little attention in relationships. Then from May and June everything changes, we get back on track. Summer brings great news.

CAPRICORN – Superstar again this year at least until April, from May you have to question something at work. There will be a little tug-of-war in relationships too, but it’s not worth raising the bar too much.

FISH TANK – We start very well with the feelings and in March Venus will be in the sign. April excellent for meetings, the whole first part of the year favorable for work. Saturn, which represents money, stays right but you still have to save a little …

FISH – Jupiter has already begun its transit. This does not guarantee luck but gives useful information for the future. In April Venus in the sign in May Jupiter favorable. Great time, but don’t try to bring broken relationships back to life …

Last updated: Saturday 1 January 2022, 9:39 pm


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Paolo Fox’s horoscope of 2022: the forecasts for the new year, sign by sign

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