Paolo Calissano died, he was 54 years old. “He had been dead for at least two days”

Paolo Calissano died at the age of 54, actor famous face of many fiction, found lifeless at home late yesterday evening in Rome. The actor was in his bed: the carabinieri of the Medaglie d’Oro station and the 118 health workers, who intervened on the spot after a report arrived at 112, found cans of psychotropic drugs near the body. From the first investigations, the death would have occurred precisely due to the abuse of psychotropic drugs.

Paolo Calissano, the case of the ballerina who died of an overdose: what happened in 2005

Investigations by the carabinieri are underway and it is not yet clear whether or not the death occurred as a result of a voluntary gesture. The body was taken to the Gemelli morgue for a corpse inspection. The carabinieri of the investigative unit of Rome also intervened on the spot for the findings. According to initial findings, Calissano had probably been dead for at least a couple of days: it will still be the autopsy – which will be carried out at Gemelli – to establish it exactly. At the moment, investigators hypothesize an abuse of psychotropic drugs. The carabinieri, who intervened on the spot, found several boxes in the house.

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Having become popular with the soap Vivere, Calissano starred in several fiction. In 2005 he was arrested on suspicion of causing the death of Brazilian dancer Ana Lucia Bandeira Bezerra, struck down by an overdose at her home in Genoa, and had negotiated a 4-year sentence.

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Who was Paolo Calissano, actor who died at 54

Scion of a family of entrepreneurs, Calissano was born in Genoa on February 18, 1967. After his studies in Boston and the first experiences in photo novels, he made his debut in the cinema (Palermo-Milan one way) and on TV, becoming known to the public thanks to series such as General Hospital, Dr. Giò, Linda and the brigadier and above all thanks to the Italian soap Vivere, in which he played Dr. Bruno De Carolis, and Vento di ponente, in which he gave his face to the unscrupulous manager Guido Mandelli.

In 2004 had participated in the second edition of the Island of the famous, but had to retire with an injury. In recent years, his life has been marked by news stories. In 2006 he negotiated a sentence of four years in prison for manslaughter – as a result of another crime, the sale of cocaine – for the death of the Brazilian lap dance dancer from overdose. Ana Lucia Bandeira Bezerra, serving it in the rehabilitation community for drug addicts’ Trofarello bus stop (Turin). He then obtained the pardon. He returned to recite at the Brancaccio Theater in Rome in the musical A step from the dream, in 2007. The following year he was hospitalized in Genoa for a malaise and found positive for cocaine. His last appearance on TV in 2018, in the Rai1 fiction Do not tell my boss 2.

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Paolo Calissano died, he was 54 years old. “He had been dead for at least two days”

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