Painful, this is the chronology of Irwansyah being cheated by his own sister, losing up to IDR 5 billion: Okezone Celebrity

HAFIZ Fatur, the younger brother of actor Irwansyah, is a fugitive in a case of alleged corruption in a company. Not only that, Hafiz was also policed ​​by his older brother in the case of falsifying family asset documents.

Previously, Irwansyah officially reported his younger brother to the South Jakarta Police for the case on November 19, 2021. The report is legally contained in Number:/LP/B/2345/XI/2021/RJS/PMJ.

Muhammad Zakir Rasyidin as the attorney for Irwansyah and Zazkia Sungkar then told the chronology of the case.

Zakir said, the case began when his client received a letter from the bank collecting debt.

In the letter it was said that the borrower on behalf of Irwansyah did not pay the installments from borrowing a certain amount of money to the bank.

“Brother Irwan reported Hafiz Fatur at the South Jakarta Police regarding the alleged forgery of signatures. In which case, our client was surprised when a bank sent a bill to his house, that Irwan had not paid the installments related to the borrowing of money at the bank,” said Zakir in Jakarta. Kebayoran Lama area, South Jakarta, Monday (3/1/2022).

The bill also made the star of the film My Heart shocked beyond measure. Zakir admitted that after checking the application for the loan, his party found a number of letters which were strongly suspected to have been forged.

As the reporting party, they also suspect that the person who falsified the document was none other than Hafiz Fatur. Irwansyah’s younger brother is also suspected of having applied for a loan to a private bank worth IDR 1-2 billion.

That said, the money was also used for Hafiz’s personal interests.

“Irwan was surprised how I could be billed even though I never got a credit. After checking I found a lot of letters which it is strongly suspected that Hafiz falsified the signatures of Irwan and Zaskia Sungkar for his interest in borrowing money at one of the private banks, amounting to IDR 1-2 m,” he explained again.

As a lawyer, Zakir also admitted to being surprised. He also did not think that Hafiz allegedly committed the act against his own sister.

“This is the question, how can Mas Hafiz take actions that harm his own brother? Because Mas Irwan feels he has never applied for a loan and has never complained about credit at the bank,” said Zakir.

Furthermore, Zakir said the bank intends to confiscate a number of assets belonging to Irwansyah.

The assets that are at risk of being confiscated include four ready-to-occupy houses and one luxury car. Because of that, Irwansyah was threatened with a total loss of up to IDR 5 billion.

“So there are about 4 housing units and one car in total, the loss is around 5 billion,” he said.

Regarding this situation, Irwansyah was determined to make a police report at the South Jakarta Police last November. Feeling aggrieved, his party has also sent a subpoena to the bank concerned.

Not only that, Zakir admitted that he had made a report to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as the authorized institution for the alleged case.

“Today I have subpoenaed the bank. Then I reported the bank to the OJK,” he concluded.

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Painful, this is the chronology of Irwansyah being cheated by his own sister, losing up to IDR 5 billion: Okezone Celebrity

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