Outdoor masks but not only: check buffer hypotheses (even for vaccinated people) for big events

In addition to outdoor masks, the hypothesis of a mandatory tampon – even for vaccinated people – to access major events also appears before the contagions rise. He confirmed it Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee and president of the Higher Health Council, guest this morning of SkyTg24. The possible introduction of the mandatory tampon also for vaccinated people to access major events is “a hypothesis to be considered if the epidemiological situation were to worsen”, said Locatelli reiterating that “the advantage that has been accumulated by our country must be protected and above all, the lives of Italians must be protected ».

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How much to insert the obligation of outdoor masks during the Christmas period, says the professor, it is a “concrete hypothesis” in the event that the epidemiological data of the Covid-19 infections should continue to grow. “Some mayors have already considered and adopted it, as did Gori in some areas of Bergamo”, he adds. “To say that the vaccine alone is not enough is a bit simplified – he says – I agree with the non-pharmacological measures that make an important contribution to the containment of viral spread, such as masks, spacing and ventilation of the premises “.

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Vaccine as a Christmas present

“I will sit at a table with my family members who are all vaccinated. So the best wishes are for a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year for everyone and the invitation and to make yourself a gift for Christmas with the vaccination for those who have never been vaccinated and with the booster dose for those who have already received the primary cycle. A way to love yourself, a way to protect yourself and also a way to protect your loved ones and loved ones “.

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The vaccine for children “is not at all a measure that is offered to try to contain a viral circulation, but in the best interest of the physical and mental health of children”, he adds on the day of the start of the vaccine for the 5-11 year old group, underlining that “The offer of the vaccine to children is aimed at protecting their health and protecting their school attendance as well as their spaces for socialization”.

Excluding the obligation, says Locatelli who considers it fundamental “to be able to guarantee as much as possible these spaces of socialization, recreation, training, to be able to fill the gap that has come to be determined in the last year and ten months since the pandemic. Even the children have paid an important price ». And on the safety of the vaccine for children: «It is definitely safe. All the data that come to us both from the study that led to its approval and from the evidence of employment in countries that started before us, the United States above all, comfort us in this direction. The message is absolutely reassuring ».

Green pass duration and travel

«The duration of the Green pass has just been changed. I believe that various factors must be taken into consideration in the duration; at this moment the choice has been made very recently and I think it is appropriate to maintain this line of coherence at the moment. Then, if there are conditions, evidence and situations to review the choices, I believe that the Italian government, and in general all of our society, has shown a great deal of immediate capacity for adaptation and flexibility to adjust the choices or to adapt them to what are the contingencies that emerge “.

«I believe that the linearity of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s reasoning is evident. The choices adopted want to protect the advantageous situation that now characterizes Italy. These are choices that can be shared, ”said Locatelli regarding the decision to provide a buffer for arrivals in Italy from EU countries, including for vaccinated people. Speaking of the booster dose useful to counter the Omicron variant, Locatelli says: “It gives good protection, we have to encourage it.”

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Outdoor masks but not only: check buffer hypotheses (even for vaccinated people) for big events

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