Omicron, we change: super Green pass for everyone at work and buffer for cinemas and stadiums

Parties armored, even prohibited in Campania. As the Christmas Italy is about to face new restrictions. On the horizon, the country sees the risk of orange zone and with the advance of Omicron new scenarios on the use of the green certificate are already being hypothesized in January. “The Green pass it has the validity that we know, but in a month it could be rethought. If the Omicron punches the vaccine it means it’s another virus entirely. Now this Green pass it makes sense but with another completely different variant things can change », reflects Guido Rasi, scientific advisor to the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency.

Covid, today’s bulletin in Italy: deaths and new infections


Already next week, after the control room and the CDM scheduled for 23 December, it could arrive from Government gives the green light to the new measures announced: from swabs for all those who participate in public events – therefore even where it should be possible to organize parties – to outdoor masks up to the shortening of the duration of the green certificate. With the concrete possibility that the hypothesis of extending the obligation of the reinforced pass, and therefore of the vaccine, also to other working environments, as is already the case for health professionals, law enforcement and teachers. Campania goes further by banning school, graduation and birthday parties in indoor venues with an ordinance. “Serious checks are needed on the use of masks, while up to now they have been inadequate,” said Governor De Luca.

And Zingaretti anticipates the Executive’s moves by preparing to sign an ordinance that requires Lazio to have an outdoor mask from 23 December despite the region remaining in the white zone, at least until Christmas. There are also those, like the association of anesthetists, calling for harsher measures, such as those adopted in Austria, asking for “more drastic social containment measures to curb the circulation of the virus, for example the lockdown stringent for the unvaccinated “, given that” we have little time to act with more restrictive measures and prevent an increase in cases and hospitalizations. On the contrary, there has been a relaxation of behaviors prudent, also due to the approach of parties».

Guido Rasi, scientific advisor to General Figliuolo, admits that the assignment of the orange zone for some territories is now only a matter of weeks. «We are getting closer, because the occupancy of hospital places continues to increase», for this reason «it is therefore essential to immediately make the third doses. The vaccines are there and the campaign is progressing well but it is a race against time ». However, some variables are still unknown. If the Delta mutation of the virus is “somehow under control with the third doses”, now “Omicron it could completely clear the cards, ”Rasi warns. The only real weapon available against the new variant, which is now rampant in Great Britain and other European countries, remains the monitoring of its mutations through the tracking and support of the appropriate analysis institutes.

New results are expected in the next few hours, when the ‘flash survey’ announced by the Ministry of Health will be launched: a statistically significant number of samples collected in 24 hours will be passed under the lens of the experts and it is not excluded that Italy may find percentages of Omicron much higher among the numbers of infections, which in general in the latest bulletin amounted to 24,259 new positives and 97 victims (rate at 4.3%). The goal is to increase the sequencing of the virus “substantially”. However, only 70 laboratories contribute to the platform that the Higher Institute of Health has made available. «And 70 laboratories for 60 million Italians are few», reflects Rasi, for whom «little data is collected and slowly. We risk knowing the extent of the virus’s progress late, delaying important decisions ».

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Omicron, we change: super Green pass for everyone at work and buffer for cinemas and stadiums

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