Omicron, orange risk for three Regions and one Province

The surge in infections for the variant Omicron and the increase in hospitalizations lead Italy inexorably to a new change of colors. There are three regions and a province that are moving towards the orange zone and others that go up in the yellow one. If the data confirm the trend of the last few days, next Friday Tuscany and Umbria will be declared yellow, while the Liguria will slip into orange, a destiny that could also happen to follow Market, Calabria e Province of Trento. Regions that have exceeded one of the indicators between ordinary and intensive care bed occupancy.

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According to the latest data from Agenas, the occupancy of beds in the medical area is growing in 15 Regions and in 9 Regions that in intensive care. In hospital wards, hospitalizations of Covid patients with symptoms are growing. At the national level, the occupancy rate of beds rises to 19% and, in 24 hours, it grows in 17 regions. The most critical situations, and well above the 15% threshold, are: Valle d’Aosta (45%, with a jump of + 9%), Calabria (31%) and Liguria (30%). Also growing are: Abruzzo (+ 15%), Campania (18%), Emilia Romagna (17%), Friuli (24%), Lazio (17%), Lombardy (21%), Bolzano (17%) %), Piedmont (23%), Puglia (11%), Sardinia (11%), Sicily (24%), Tuscany (15%), Umbria (24%), Veneto (20%).

ICU beds occupied by Covid-19 patients rise to 15% nationally and, in the last 24 hours, they have grown in 9 regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia (17%), Lazio (17%), Marche (21%), Molise (5%), Autonomous Province of Bolzano (18%) , Piedmont (18%), Puglia (7%), Sardinia (9%), Umbria (12%). They remain firm, but well above the 10% threshold, in Abruzzo (12%), Calabria (15%), Emilia Romagna (15%), Autonomous Province of Trento (24%), Sicily (13%), Tuscany ( 15%), Veneto (19%).

If in the passage between the white and yellow zones the restrictions remain in practice the same, given that the obligation to wear an outdoor mask is in force at national level, in the orange area it becomes essential to have the Green pass. Without it, one cannot leave the Municipality of residence, except for reasons of work, necessity or urgency. The activities remain open, but the rules for access with the Green pass and the Super pass remain. Without the reinforced Green pass, access to shops in shopping centers on holidays and the day before holidays is prohibited (except for foodstuffs, newsstands, bookstores, pharmacies, tobacconists). Ban on eating at tables in bars and restaurants, even outdoors without enhanced certification. Super green pass also for sports activities including skiing. The lifts in the orange zone can only be accessed with the Green pass. The same applies to events, conventions and fairs, theme and amusement parks and discos.

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Omicron, orange risk for three Regions and one Province

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