Omicron, Europe returns to lockdown: from Germany to Holland and Great Britain

The variante Omicron scares the world andEurope is running for cover dusting off the hypothesis of lockdown. The new variant discovered in South Africa, less than a month ago, confirms his very rapid propagation. The international scientific community does not yet have sufficient data to be able to fully assess the degree of danger. But its transmissibility is certain, so much so that so far it has been reported in 89 countries and is doubling infections everywhere.

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One new lockdown among the hypotheses that the British government evaluates to counter the spread of the Omicron variant. The premier Boris Johnson has called for today a restricted government meeting, to establish if and which new measures are necessary to stop, before Christmas, the surge in infections due to the new virus variant. In front of the premier, the British press anticipates, essentially the three options presented by the government’s team of scientific advisors.

The mildest of possibilities is the invitation to families, not legally binding, to avoid contacts and gatherings in private homes. Johnson is, however, also evaluating the other two “weapons” in his possession: the first involves the prohibition of contacts indoors between different families, the return to social distancing, the curfew starting at 8pm for pubs and restaurants. The second, provides the return to total lockdown.

The premier has already ruled out that Parliament is convened before Christmas. A vote by the Municipalities would be necessary to implement more restrictive measures than the current ones, which include, among other things, the invitation to smartworking, the obligation to wear a mask on public transport and in other indoor situations andobligation to Green pass to access certain public places and events. The British Prime Minister is likely to hold one Press conference to illustrate the latest data on the pandemic and any new measures he decided.

A extreme measure, almost as a last resort, that is just shot in Holland. Premier Mark Rutte made the announcement live on TV, ordering the closure of restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and non-essential shops, at least until January 14. A squeeze adopted with a “gloomy mood”, admitted Rutte, stressing at the same time that Omicron yes “spreading faster than we feared and what we need prevent the worst“. The advance of the variant in Europe has convinced some countries, such as Italy, Portugal, Greece and Ireland, to protect their borders by imposing an entry test for arrivals from the rest of the EU.

From 20 December only those who have already received the third dose will be able to enter Austria. For others vaccinated or cured, a negative swab must be carried out within the previous 72 hours. For the non-immunized one ten-day quarantine.

The Germany has included Great Britain in the list of high-risk countries for the spread of Covid. The decision entails a series of restrictions on travel from midnight on Sunday. Among these, specifies the Robert Koch Institute, themandatory two-week quarantine for those who arrive From United Kingdom in Germany, even if vaccinated or recovered from Covid. Mandatory quarantine also for unvaccinated travelers from France and Denmark, Norway, Lebanon and Andorra. “There will be no lockdown before Christmas, but we will have one fifth wave, because we have passed a critical number of omicron infections. This wave can no longer be completely stopped, but it can be fought with mandatory vaccines. This is my firm belief, ”said the new health minister at the German ARD, Karl Lauterbach.

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Omicron, Europe returns to lockdown: from Germany to Holland and Great Britain

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