Omicron, Christmas in the yellow or orange zone: all regions at risk

From the white zone to yellow or orange zone for the Christmas holidays. With the increase in covid infections in Italy and the threat of the variant Omicron, the Regions change color or are preparing to do so in view of the ISS monitoring data and the control room. Veneto is at risk of the orange zone, explains Zaia, while Lombardy is poised between white and yellow. Instead, it will be the yellow zone on New Year’s Eve for Lazio. And while Liguria has already changed color by turning to yellow, the governor of Campania De Luca warns: “Compared to the data we have, we should already be in the orange zone”.

Omicron, warning from Draghi: “We are obliged to exercise the utmost caution”


Veneto towards the orange zone for covid infections that will continue to grow. This is the scenario that governor Luca Zaia outlines. The region has just landed in the yellow zone. “Our model says that at least until the first week of January we will be growing” with infections “and approaching the orange zone. This will continue to allow us to live almost normally because we are vaccinated. For those who are not, however, it means closure. of municipal boundaries and many activities “, he says, referring to the restrictions that will apply to those who do not have the Super green pass.

Lazio in the yellow zone for New Year’s Eve while from 23 December the mask will be mandatory outdoors. “Compared to a year ago, the pressure on the hospital network is much, much less. That said, we are still in a white zone situation, but with an evolution that will likely lead us to a color change towards the New Year,” he said yesterday. ‘Lazio councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, to the microphones of’ In Vivavoce ‘on Rai Radio 1. Today, meanwhile, in Lazio 22,407 molecular swabs and 42,131 antigenic swabs for a total of 64,538 swabs, there are 2,285 new cases positive (+647), 13 deaths (-1), 915 hospitalized (+11), 128 people in intensive care (+9) and +1,104 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 3.5%. The cases in Rome city are at 1,191 “.

“I invite you to be careful because the Omicron variant is exploding. Compared to the data we have of Campania health care we should already be in the orange zone, not in the yellow zone”. The president of the Region said so Campania Vincenzo De Luca, in his speech to the Regional Council during the session on the budget. “The figure that arrived yesterday – added De Luca – was the occupancy of 12.5% ​​of places in the medical area for ordinary Covid hospitalizations and 6% of occupancy of intensive care places. The thresholds are respectively 15% for the ‘medical area and 10% for intensive care. Now we have to check daily that national parameters are not exceeded otherwise we get hurt, because we are already over the threshold due to the level of contagion per 100 thousand inhabitants. in intensive care. From a strictly health point of view we would have an interest in going immediately to the orange zone, but from a social and economic point of view, no, because it would be a tragedy to block the economy of the region again. So right now we are trying to freeing up places in ordinary wards to welcome Covid patients, knowing that this is something that weighs on the life of our community because we delay other interventions, obviously not q urgent ones of course “.

On the additional ICU places, De Luca stressed that “we have to reopen, knowing that we have a dramatic staffing problem. The problem is not the facilities, we built 120 additional ICU places last year and we have suffered idiotic media attacks. , infamous. There is no anesthesiologists, no staff, we have to block other activities in other departments, but it is clear that if we get to occupy 10% of the intensive care units there is nothing else to do, we have to close the rest. soul to seek an agreement with our medical managers in order not to exceed the two thresholds provided for by the national standard “.

In Lombardy, as the governor has announced, unvaccinated people newly infected by Covid are more than 40%, but it is a percentage “which represents 15% of the population. So a very high percentage of no vax people are infected ». Waiting to know if the government will decide to introduce new restrictions also in Lombardy, the obligation to wear an outdoor mask in the white area is being evaluated. “We are thinking about it – explained Fontana – even if I don’t think it is so decisive, if people respect the rule, as they are doing, to wear the mask as soon as there is a crowd, and always indoors”. The governor’s commitment is to “reduce any type of restriction as much as possible, trusting in the seriousness of the people”, while the vice president of the region and councilor for welfare, Letizia Moratti, said that “we will do everything to remain white” . Meanwhile in Milan in view of the Christmas holidays, with lunches and dinners with the family and travel, the race to the tampon has started.

Liguria yellow zone from Monday 20 December for two weeks.

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Omicron, Christmas in the yellow or orange zone: all regions at risk

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