New Year’s Movies on Vision+: Chocolate Love Story to Luke: The Journey of an Altar Boy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – At the end of 2021, Vision+ is ready to provide various exciting shows to enliven your New Year’s event with those closest to you. Here are some recommendations for shows that can be watched on Vision+ this New Year’s Eve.

For lovers of the romantic genre, there is FTV Chocolate Love Story with a light plot and easy to enjoy. This FTV, which was released in 2017, tells the story of a girl named Ratu who tries to save her chocolate business with Feril, a man who is struggling to find a job.

In the midst of that struggle, it turned out that the love in their hearts blossomed. Next, there is the family animated film, Titus: Mystery of the Enygma which is suitable to watch with beloved children. This film tells the adventures of Titus, a detective rat in solving the enigma mystery in his city, Steamburg.

The adventure was carried out by Titus with his two friends, Bobit, the magician rabbit and Fyra, the adventurous lizard. For those of you who want to remember old Indonesian films, there are Chasing the Sun which was very popular when it was released in 2004.

The drama genre film is about the friendship of Ardi, Nino, Apin, and Damar, which is colored by various life conflicts that affect their friendship. If you want to get rid of boredom with laughter filled shows, there is the original Vision+ series, Laugh Everywhere.

The series, which has four episodes, stars talented Indonesian comedians. You will be made to laugh with their Stand Up Comedy performance, which is certainly very fun to watch with friends.

Finally, there is the latest original series Vision+, Lukas: The Journey of an Altar Boy adventure and family genre. This series tells the story of Luke who goes on an adventure to find his father, while working hard to become the Son of the Altar. This series is suitable to watch at the moment of Christmas and New Year.

Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo, Managing Director Vision+ said, “New Year’s is the perfect time to gather with those closest to you. Vision+ has provided a selection of shows to celebrate the end of the year party, and will provide many new quality shows in the coming year.”

You can enjoy these shows on Vision+ using a premium account with various price plans, starting from IDR 10,000 for 7 days, up to IDR 200,000 for 365 days. For users of the 90-day or 365-day premium package, there will be attractive prizes, namely Motion Insure optimal protection in the form of personal protection insurance and Covid-19 for free.

Download Vision+ now on Play Store and App Store here or visit For more information about Vision+, please follow Vision+’s official social media accounts at @visionplusid (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok), or WhatsApp at 0888 8000 00.

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New Year’s Movies on Vision+: Chocolate Love Story to Luke: The Journey of an Altar Boy : Okezone Celebrity

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