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JAKARTA – Hello Dangdut Lovers! Who here likes to dance dangdut but is shy? It’s time for you to show your talent by following KDI 2021 Challenge from RCTI+ A competition that can be a place to express yourself. Present at the beginning of the new year, and not only that, now there are more diverse challenges, you can sing or imitate the 2021 KDI Judges. Later you have the opportunity to win millions of rupiah prizes. Come along and don’t miss this opportunity!

KDI 2021 Challenge is a challenge from RCTI+ in collaboration with the KDI 2021 program at MNCTV with the theme of dancing and singing using the KDI Jingle as the backsound and acting from one of the judges at KDI 2021. Participants just need to follow the directions that have been determined in the sample video or tutorial. The videos that have been entered will be judged based on the highest number of votes from RCTI+ users and also internal judges to win a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah.

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How to take part in this challenge is very easy! You just need to make your own KDI Jingle Dance video with the KDI jingle backsound and follow the movements that have been demonstrated and send it directly to the Home of Talent on RCTI+. And for the singing challenge, you also need to upload a singing video with the KDI Jingle backsound like the sample video shown. given, you can also use Minus One Jingle KDI 2021 by downloading it on HOT+ from RCTI+.

You must be over ten years old, right! This challenge can also be followed by foreign nationals. So that your videos can look more interesting when you watch them, show your enthusiasm and energy, and make your videos as unique as possible, so that they get lots of views.

The winner of this video will be determined from several things, such as the uniqueness, ridiculousness, excitement of the video content. In addition, the number of internal voting and judging will also have an effect. Don’t worry, you still have time to join the challenge until early February 2022. Let’s make the most of your opportunity!

Come on! What are you waiting for? More and more people are joining the KDI Dance Jingle competition, so don’t miss it! Immediately make a dance or sing the jingle, and upload it directly to RCTI+ The more videos you upload, the higher the potential to win! Besides that, RCTI+ is also holding various other competitions! The million rupiah prize awaits, stay tuned!

About RCTI+ :

RCTI+ is here as an AVOD service (an ad-based Video On Demand service where users are free to use it) & live streaming of the 4 most popular TV channels (RCTI, MNCTV, GTV and iNews). There is also exclusive content that doesn’t air on television, only on the RCTI+ application. Besides that, there are also many best shows such as Legendary soap operas, national eSports matches, Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Hollywood films, and children’s films. Then RCTI+ developed with the presence of 2 other features, namely News and Radio+. In News, users can read the most complete news from various trusted sources. In Radio+, users can listen to radio from all over Indonesia, listen to podcasts, voice stories, music and audio books. In one year, RCTI+ brings 2 new features, namely Home of Talent (HOT) and Game. All can be enjoyed easily without registration and for free.

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New Year There is a New Challenge from the KDI 2021 Challenge, You Must Participate! : Okezone Celebrity

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