Napoli-Empoli 0-1, Andreazzoli defeats Maradona with a goal from Cutrone

NAPLES – The black moment of Naples in the league continues. After theAtalanta, is theEmpoli to move to Maradona at the end of the umpteenth match in which the team of Spalletti loses pieces: first Zielinski, then Diamond. Decides a goal of Cutrone 20 ‘from the end, a goal arrived on a lucky rebound.

Two news for Spalletti compared to the eleven who beat Leicester in the Europa League. Between the posts there is Ospina in place of Meret, in attack Mertens plays for Petagna. For the rest, confirmations for Juan Jesus in the center of the defense and for Demme alongside Zielinski in the median, as well as for Lozano, Ounas and Elmas on the three quarters. Anguissa and Insigne, recovered after their respective injuries, start from the bench. Andreazzoli confirms the 4-3-1-2 and relies on Ismajli-Luperto in defense. Stulac dictates the times in the median, where Zurkowski and Henderson start a ferocious pressing. Bajrami is the attacking midfielder behind Cutrone and Pinamonti. From the very first minutes, Napoli suffers from the suffocating pressure of the Tuscans, who are good at disturbing the development of the maneuver. Once in possession of the ball, then, Empoli narcotizes the game, with a dense series of passes that keep the blues away from Vicario’s goal.

At 22 ‘Zielinski must come out – sore throat and cough with breathing difficulties – and Spalletti from his position orders Insigne’s entry, with Elmas settling in the median. Napoli begins to try from the outside: Mertens shoots high, Elmas hits the top of the crossbar. Empoli responds with an attempt by Bajrami on Cutrone’s cross: ball on the outside of the net. In the end of time it is Demme who gets on top of the shields, first with a deep throw for Lozano on whose conclusion Vicario exalts, then with a ball stolen from Stojanovic and supported by Insigne: the attacker’s right turn goes out on the bottom . Before the break there is room for a straight right from Bajrami, which Ospina rejects. No change in Napoli after the break, but the pace of the game picks up. Di Lorenzo tries from outside: he rejects Vicario.

Empoli does not stand by and touches the goal with Cutrone, well launched by Stojanovic: Ospina is opposed to the great. Ounas tries to do everything by himself at 10 ‘: out of a little. After a goal disallowed to Juan Jesus for offside, Spalletti changes three: inside Anguissa, Politano and Petagna, outside Demme, Lozano and Mertens. Andreazzoli responds with Haas, Ricci and Di Francesco, fresh forces for an Empoli who does not want to distort. But Napoli pushes. Vicar says no to Politano and Insigne, the Azzurri press. At 25 ‘, however, Empoli found the goal. Corner from the left, Anguissa hits his head, the ball hits the back of Cutrone’s neck and carom on the net. Napoli unlucky even two minutes later: Petagna kicks from the edge with his left foot, full post. The assault continues, but the Tuscans close well. Vicar says no to Politano, then Ounas can’t find the door. Empoli wins. Napoli finds themselves fourth in the standings, with two consecutive defeats at Maradona, giving a bad signal to their championship.

Napoli-Empoli, the official formations

NAPLES (4-2-3-1): Ospina, Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Rui; Demme, Zielinski; Lozano, Ounas, Elmas; Mertens. All. Domenichini

EMPOLI (4-3-3): Vicar; Stojanovic, Luperto, Ismajli, Parisi; Zurkowski, Stulac, Bajrami, Bandinelli; Henderson, Pinamonti, Cutrone. All. Andreazzoli

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Napoli-Empoli 0-1, Andreazzoli defeats Maradona with a goal from Cutrone

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