Miley Cyrus takes it all off for the most explosive cover of 2021

Miley Cyrus it is an icon whether or not it is current. But it is also that the American soloist is more fashionable than ever thanks to her looks, the versions of the classics in the history of music and her musical work. A few days ago we already told you that he had got to work and now he has officially confirmed it: his ninth studio album is underway. And she goes back to being the Miley of always as she has shown in the most explosive cover of 2021.

The singer has taken it all off for the cover of the magazine Interview (and also for the inside pages, by the way). Naked from the waist up, the only object covering her breasts is an image of her own bare chest. An image not suitable for Instagram censorship.

But not only the report of Miley Cyrus in the publication is a real time bomb full of provocative photos, breast prostheses, sexy lingerie … that leave little to the imagination. The interview conducted by Metallica’s own Lars Ulrich serves for the artist to leave important touches on how he has lived the process of becoming one of the queens of the versions.

His rocker side has been presented together with the mythical formation with which he interprets Nothing else matters. A joint version with which Americans celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Black album. And this is the icing on the cake. “I confirm that I am in the studio working on my next album. A special announcement will arrive tomorrow “confirmed Miley Cyrus on her social networks.

The first to be released under the Columbia record label instead of their traditional RCA Records (both from Sony) and also under their new management Crush Music. With them, the artist is publishing small pills of what we could expect from this work in which once again the disco aesthetics of the 70s and 80s could have a great role.

In order to promote the cover of the magazine on her social networks, the interpreter had no choice but to put two Miley stickers on her breasts.

At the moment the big questions about this new musical project by Miley Cyrus remain unknown. As we said, everything indicates that this disco aesthetic will once again be a track of the soloist’s musical commitment but we have been able to see in recent months how the American is capable of adapting to almost any genre with her unmistakable talent and her broken voice.

The rockier side of Miley Cyrus

How could it be otherwise, the provocative cover has not been the only headline that Miley has left: “All my life, whether in vocal training or simply to continue perfecting my craft, I have always dealt with questions such as’ Why you sound like a man? ‘,’ Where’s your damn falsetto bitch? ‘,’ Why can’t you sing the highest note of ‘Party in the USA’ anymore? ‘ In that song I can sing in a low register and live in that authentic and genuine sound. My voice is the way I represent myself. It is the way I express myself. I have worked with so many people who tell me: ‘We’ll have to bring in an artist to hit the high notes.’ You know, ‘falsetto’ is a Latin term for when a child is going through adolescence, but there are still those who pretend they sing in that key. “

Miley Cyrus vindicates her authenticity and her personality: “I am who I am. I say what I want to say every moment, even if that may change tomorrow. I was honored that I didn’t have to sing that song the way I did. Women are “supposed” to sing. It’s the lowest register of my voice, so I’m grateful to have a song that I can support on this. “

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Miley Cyrus takes it all off for the most explosive cover of 2021

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